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В эту тему буду скидывать интервью,  разные видео с премьер, чтобы все было в одном месте))



New 'X-Files' Secrets from Mulder and Scully!



David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back in action as Special Agents Mulder and Scully for 'The X Files: I Want to Believe,' and we have new set secrets from the alien-hunting duo! The thriller opens in theaters on July 25.

ET Interview (July 21, 2008)

GA: It felt great. I was really looking forward to it, the first time we kinda came together on it was a read through which we did, which was the second time…

DD: There was a picture in an article somewhere.

GA: Yeah yeah.

DD: In a magazine…

GA: Of all of us sitting at the table.

DD: It’s funny.

GA: It is funny.  We met at Chris’ house and sat down, and read the script together.  It was kinda emotional.  In fact Chris teared up a little.

DD: Yep, Chris was crying so.

GA: It was… It was something he had wanted to do for a long time, there was many times when it looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

DD: Even though I was the driving force.

GA: Even though you were the driving force. 

Interviewer: Now you guys have seen each other for five years, what was up with that?

DD: Yeah.  Well Gillian lives in London and I live here. 

GA: We email each other from time to time.

DD: We’ve seen enough of each other, quite honestly.  I mean we spent almost every day together for eight and half years.  I’m not kidding!

GA: That’s more time than I have spent with my brother or sister in their lifetime, so that’s a lot.

DD: Or many of your husbands.

GA: *laughs, slaps DD on the arm playfully* Shut up!

Interviewer: How curious were you guys to see where your relationship was headed?

DD: Curious, yeah.  And I think it’s… it’s like… what sets this thriller apart from other thrillers.  There is a vital, maturing adult relationship that is in the center of it that’s both being driven and driving the mystery of the crime that they are trying to solve, or the mystery they are trying to solve.  So as they are being pushed deeper into the unknown, they question each other more.  And as they question each other more, they are also more pushed to solve this mystery. 

GA: He’s really good isn’t he?

DD: I’m gonna… I need a nap after that one.  I need to sleep after that one.  I didn’t breathe during it and I got lightheaded.

Interviewer: Does it feel good to work on this together again? Would you consider having Gillian on you… (show, Californication)

DD: Well that’s a question I have been getting asked, and I think we as actors bring so much baggage into it because Mulder and Scully, it is almost impossible to watch us and not think that.  And then all a sudden you are not really watching the show or the reality you are supposed to be in, but you know, I like working with Gillian. It might be a lark to have her on, but maybe there’s something else for us to do, I don’t know. 

Interviewer (to GA): Would you like to go on the show?

DD: I don’t think she has seen it, but…

Interviewer: Have you seen it?

GA: I haven’t seen it, but…  I like… You know, I think it would be fun for the two of us to work together in a different capacity, but it is a complicated thing to figure out what it would need to look like to make it work and not have people… completely unable to separate us from two characters.

DD: You know I don’t think we’ve been typecasted, but if we were going to appear together, I think it’s too much to ask that we not be typecasted, you know, together. 

GA: Unless we are together as two people who…

DD: Have different sexes?

GA: No other than that.  Who are trying not to be typecasted, we are you know…



David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson Talk 'The X-Files: I Want To Believe'

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ask each other questions about the latest "X-Files" movie and each other.


Access Hollywood (July 21, 2008)

GA: What was your first impression of me when we met?
DD: Let me see if that’s really written.
GA: It is, it is!
DD: I can picture you were, I think, maybe, maybe I’m making it up. But you were sitting outside Pete Ross (???)’s office where we were gonna go read together for The X-Files.  There were two guys and three girls, and we were all going to mix and match.  And I went up to you, you were sitting there, I wanted to work on some lines with you, and we ran the lines.  And it’s 15 years ago, so I don’t remember exactly.  You just said I tried to pick you up, I don’t remember that, and I don’t think that’s true. But I think it’s funny.
GA: It is funny.
DD: If you could give Scully a fashion makeover… What do you think of me? Kidding.  If you could give Scully a fashion makeover, how would you like to see her dressed?
GA: Oh my goodness. I think the fashion makeover kinda happened half way through the series.  The first half, was, I mean I wasn’t paying attention, and clearly nobody else was either.
DD: Right.
GA: But it was…
DD: Pantsuits.
GA: Yeah, there was a lot of turquoise, and…
DD: Hillary Clinton took a page from early Scully.
GA: And I would, what would I do? I don’t know, she’s okay now. She doesn’t need a makeover, she’s alright.  What did you splurge on your first paycheck with The X-Files?
DD: Nah I don’t think, I’m not a splurger, I haven’t splurged yet.  But I think I bought a nice car.
GA: What was it? Do you remember what it was?
DD: [smacks cards on his leg]
GA: C’mon! What was it?
DD: What the hell, it was a BMW, it wasn’t like a…
GA: You were with a Dodge for 15 years, a brown Dodge.
DD: Yeah and I gave it to Roger (?)’s daughter.  Oh wow, this is fairly similar to the question I asked in jest a moment ago.  After all those years together, what do you love the most about me? And what’s my most annoying habit?
GA: You throw cards up in the air is your most annoying habit.  What do I most like about you? As appose to the character?
DD: That’s what it says.
GA: I guess, I like how…I’m not going to go into the intellect, that’s just, you know, we’ve heard that over and over again. Actually… You can’t even look at me when I pay you a compliment, can you? Actually I like your sense of humor.
DD: Thank you, thank you.
GA: No I do, I like your sense of humor very, very much. You are very funny. Can you whistle a bit of the X-Files theme music for me?
DD: I don’t whistle, I can’t whistle.  Something we’d asked “what do we not know about you”. I cannot whistle.
GA: I didn’t know that about you.
DD: Can you whistle?
GA: Yeah I can.
DD: Can you whistle the X-Files music?
GA: [whistles X-Files music]
DD: Pretty much in key too, very well done.
GA: Okay, thank you.  Do you think your fans are seeing a little bit too much of your body in Californication?
DD: No.  You had your first child Piper during the second season of the show, now you are getting ready to have your third, how are you feeling? Have you picked out baby names yet?
GA: Yes I have. Fox.
DD: Fox.
GA: Yeah. What should happen in the third X-Files movie?
DD: Um, there should be no junkets afterwards. It should just come out, and be a huge success.
GA: I agree with you. Umm..
DD: The world…It’s my turn.  The world has changed quite a bit since…
GA: I’ve got the same one!  And what steps have you taken for your family to go green?
DD: Well I drive an electric car, one of the few.  Fully electric.
GA: Do you really?
DD: It’s a Toyota. They stopped making them. They don’t want to sell them.  It’s my idea.  But I’ve had it for about five years, and it’s been a great car.
GA: Very proud of you.  I unplug phone chargers, computers, and stuff like that. 
DD: It’s good to see you sacrifice.
GA: I recycle. You know I do bags, and that kind stuff.  But what does it matter with oil, and all that kind stuff. What was your most unforgettable experience with an X-Files fan?
DD: A woman who had me tattooed on her breast, and then she wanted me to sign it, then she tattooed the signature. So now she has a tattooed, signed image of me on her breast, so that’s…
GA: That’s unforgettable.  I ran into somebody in Australia who had us tattooed on each butt cheek.
DD: Mmm. Were you… Did you go home with the guy, and all a sudden…
GA: Woah, Mulder! Scully what are you doing here?!
DD: Saw in the mirror above the bed.  It’s like Mulder upside down!

Access Hollywood (21 июля, 2008)

ДА: Каким было твоё первое впечатление обо мне, когда мы встретились?
ДД: Ну-ка дай мне посмотреть, правда ли там так написано.
ДА: Правда, правда!
ДД: Я могу описать, какой ты была, я думаю, а может, может, я просто сочиняю. Но ты сидела снаружи офиса Pete Ross (???), где мы вместе собрались читать The X-Files. Было два парня и три девушки, и мы все собрались пообщаться. И я подошел к тебе, ты сидела там, я хотел проработать с тобой некоторые диалоги, и мы проработали. И это было 15 лет назад, так что я точно не помню. Ты говорила, что я пытался подцепить тебя, я этого не помню, и не думаю, что это правда. Но я думаю, это забавно.
ДА: Это забавно.
ДД: Если бы ты могла выбирать для Скалли одежду… А что ты думаешь обо мне? Шучу. Если бы ты могла выбирать для Скалли одежду, как бы ты хотела ее одеть?
ДА: О, Боже. Я думаю, разная одежда наполовину присутствовала в сериале. Первая половина была, я имею в виду, я не уделяла этому внимания, как и, очевидно, все остальные.
ДД: Точно.
ДА: Но это были…
ДД: Брючные костюмы.
ДА: Да, было много бирюзовых и…
ДД: Хиллари Клинтон открыла страницу ранней Скалли.
ДА: И я, что бы я сделала? Я не знаю, сейчас она в порядке. Она не нуждается в makeover (часто это слово было, полное значение не знаю), она в порядке. На что ты потратил свою первую зарплату, полученную за The X-Files?
ДД: Нет, я не думаю, я не транжира, я не транжирил все же. Но думаю, я купил хорошую машину.
ДА: Какую? Ты помнишь, какой она была?
ДД: [бросает карточку, она ударяется о его ногу]
ДА: Да ладно! Какой она была?
ДД: Что за черт, это была BMW, она не была как…
ДА: У тебя была Dodge все 15 лет, коричневая Dodge.
ДД: Да, и я отдал её дочери Роджера (?). О, вау, это так похоже на вопрос, который я в шутку задал момент назад. После всех этих лет вместе, что ты больше всего любишь во мне? И какая у меня самая раздражающая привычка?
ДА: Ты подбрасываешь в воздух карточки – это твоя самая раздражающая привычка. Что мне больше всего в тебе нравится? В смысле, в характере?
ДД: Здесь так говорится.
ДА: Я полагаю, мне нравится, как… Я не собираюсь говорить об интеллекте, просто это, ты знаешь, мы слышали много раз. На самом деле… Ты даже не можешь на меня смотреть, когда я делаю тебе комплимент, не так ли? На самом деле я люблю твоё чувство юмора.
ДД: Спасибо, спасибо.
ДА: Нет, люблю, я очень, очень люблю твоё чувство юмора. Ты очень забавный. Ты можешь для меня немного насвистеть музыкальную тему X-Files?
ДД: Я не свищу, не умею. Что-то, что мы должны спросить «чего мы не знаем о тебе». Я не могу свистеть.
ДА: Я не знала этого о тебе.
ДД: А ты умеешь свистеть?
ДА: Да, умею.
ДД: Можешь насвистеть музыку из X-Files?
ДА: [насвистывает музыку из X-Files]
ДД: В значительной степени в тональности, очень хорошо.
ДА: О’кей, спасибо. Как ты думаешь, твои фаны видят слишком много твоего тела в Californication?
ДД: Нет. Ты родила первого ребёнка Пайпер во втором сезоне сериала, сейчас ты ждёшь третьего, как ты себя чувствуешь? Уже выбрала малышу имя?
ДА: Да, выбрала. Фокс.
ДД: Фокс.
ДА: Да. Что должно произойти в третьем фильме X-Files?
ДД: Гм, впоследствии не должно быть никаких сладких пирогов со сливками. Он должен просто выйти и иметь огромный успех.
ДА: Я с тобой согласна. Умм…
ДД: Мир… Моя очередь. Мир изменился с тех пор?
ДА: Я получила тот же самый! И какие шаги ты предпринял для своей семьи, чтобы способствовать охране окружающей среды?
ДД: Ну, я вожу электромобиль, один из немногих. Полностью работающий на электричестве.
ДА: Правда?
ДД: Это Тойота. Они перестали делать их. Они не хотят их продавать. Это моя идея. Она у меня почти пяти лет, и это отличная машина.
ДА: Очень горжусь тобою. Я обесточиваю, выбрасываю (?? Не понимаю, что она делает, помогите, плиз) телефонные зарядные устройства, компьютеры и подобный материал.
ДД: Это здорово, что ты жертвуешь.
ДА: Я утилизирую. Ты знаешь, я занимаюсь благотворительностью. Каков был твой самый незабываемый опыт общения с фаном X-Files?
ДД: Женщина, у которой я был вытатуирован на груди, и потом она захотела, чтобы я расписался там, и она потом вытатуировала эту подпись. Так что теперь у неё на груди вытатуированное подписанное изображение меня, вот…
ДА: Это незабываемо. Я сталкивалась с кем-то в Австралии, кто вытатуировал нас на каждой щеке.
ДД: Ммм. Ты… Ты шла домой с парнем, и вдруг…
ДА: Оу, Малдер! Скалли, что ты здесь делаешь?!
ДД: Смотрю в зеркало над кроватью. Это как Малдер вверх тормашками!



Gillian & David interviewed by Nelson Aspen
aired on Sunrise

Australian Sunrise (July 22, 2008)

Male host: He believes in aliens, she’s a skeptic, but together FBI Agents Mulder and Scully work on The X-Files to take a crack at paranormal phenomenon.

Woman host: Well 10 years after the TV series and the first movie release, The X-Files are back with a sequel, The X-Files: I Want to Believe is out this Thursday, and Nelson Aspen caught up with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Take a Look.

NA: When you read the script for this edition of The X-Files, were you surprised by it?

DD:  Well I knew it was going to be a stand-alone, which was right and smart because it’s been six years since the show ended.  You want to make the movie palatable (?) to people who don’t know anything about The X-Files. So I was reading it for that. I wasn’t necessarily reading it as what am I going to do as Mulder, or what’s Mulder’s story, ‘cause he’s kind fallen on harder times, and has a beard, which is always a good cue that a guy has fallen on hard times.

*clip from dirty glass scene*

NA: Is there something you have in common with him?

DD: Well we look a lot alike. 

NA: Yeah you do.

DD: One of the reasons that I like playing this character is really his one-minded passionate belief  and his refusal to give up.  I like that, so I would hope I share that with him.

NA: Why do you suppose there continue to be, after all these years, such a keen interest, not just… you know, the junkies.

DD: I don’t know.  I think when the show first came out it filled this vacuum of TheTwilight Zone, or what Alfred Hitchcock presents.  Then it brought this kind of paranormal element that was caught on.  And then you added this relationship people got into between Mulder and Scully.  So I think after you put those three things together it just kind was the perfect storm for something big.   

*clip from trailer*

NA: I was totally mesmerized by your face for the entire 104 running minutes.  *GA laughs* You are getting more beautiful with time.  Hollywood, youth obsessed, yet you get more lovely.  To what do you credit that?

GA: Awww, you can come again, you can interview me any time.

NA: What is it that draws you back to this character?

GA: Well, it’s something we had discussed at the end of the series, that if we were all still alive and kicking, we would come together again and do it. So I think we all felt like it was a matter of time. It was just further along than we had anticipated.

NA: Did you have fun?

GA: Yeah! No we absolutely did, especially when we were working with Billy Connolly and Xzibit.  We had a lot fun, and it was a lot of laughter and we were all very grateful to be back in Vancouver again, to have the opportunity to do this experience together.

NA: I know you are a passionate art aficionado, I was wondering if maybe you had any experience with aboriginal art, from Australia. If you are a fan?

GA: Yeah, I do actually why? You asking, because you know something?

NA: Well because I’m representing Australia.

GA: I have had a very funny experience with an aboriginal artist that I met, and I ended up buying one of his pieces and that’s a very long and not often repeated story that goes along with it.

NA: Now cue The X-Files theme.  Pretty cool!  Thank you so much.
*clips from the trailer*



http://www.cbsnews.com/sections/i_video … d=4276870n

CBS Early Show (July 21, 2008)

Julie Chen (CBS host):  Batman fans are loving the Dark Knight, now the fans of Agents Scully and Mulder get to have their turn.  The new X-Files movie opens this Friday, 6 years after the show went off the air.  People magazine executive editor and The Early Show entertainment contributor Jesse Cagle spoke with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, right?

Jesse Cagle (JC): Both of them, right.  And believe it or not, this is David and Gillian’s first broadcast interview together in a decade. Now the film’s plot, particularly the relationship between the film’s two characters is shrouded in mystery, but as they say, the truth is out there, and I did my best to find out.

*TV show opening credits playing*

JC (voiceover): The eerie music is back, along with David Duchovny as Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson is Dana Scully, for years on The X-Files series, they teamed up to investigate the paranormal and uncover dark and foreboding secretes along the way, but they can keep a secret too.

JC: So the big buzz about this movie obviously is how far does the Mulder and Scully relationship go, so what are you going to say about that, and what can you say about that?

DD: Umm, this air after the movie’s out?

JC: No, no, it will air before.

DD: Oh okay, then absolutely nothing. *everyone laughs*  Well actually it’s been six years between where we saw them and where we see them now, so they’ve been together in some capacity.  I will say that, it’s not like they have split up.  That’s what’s interesting about the movie, that kind mature relation, maturing relationship within a thriller.

* “Dirty glass scene from the movie” *

JC (voiceover): This time around Scully convinces Mulder to meet with a self-proclaimed psychic who might not be telling all he knows about a string of murders.  The rest is so secret this is the only scene between Duchovny and Anderson that the studio is releasing to the public.  Anything else, they say, will spoil too many surprises.

GA: You know that relationship is so intimate for so many years.  The friendship, the comradery, the love these people share for each other goes beyond any, you know, the paper that signed, or any sex scene, or any… you know, it’s so much deeper than all of that.  And they should just leave it alone.

DD: What did you have for lunch?  *everyone laughs*

*clip from Last King of Scotland and Californication*

JC (voiceover):  Both actors have made a point to show other sides of their talent since X-Files went off the air.  Anderson won acclaim for stage work and movies like The Last King of Scotland.  David Duchovny won a Golden Globe for playing a washed-up writer in Californication. 

JC: Was there any reluctance to go back to this?

DD: No, not at all, not at all.  I mean, it’s a cast that I love, it’s a show that I love, I love working on it, with Gillian, and the people.  You know all those questions about typecasting and all those questions that dogged us.  You know that was the question that got asked us more than anything, “are you afraid of being typecasted”.

GA: We said no then we were.  *laugh*

* more clip from “Dirty glass” scene*

JC (voiceover):  In truth, Duchovny and Anderson have managed to avoid being typecasted by their X-files roles, and since their on-screen chemistry is so clear, maybe that means they will welcome more X-Files movies in the future.

DD: In life you have chemistry with people, you also have that as an actor and you don’t have any control over it as in life.  You know we were lucky, like Gillian said.

GA: It’s almost despite of us somehow.

DD: Yeah, we try not to have it.  *everyone laughs*

GA: Boy did we try!

JC: Duchovny and Anderson say this movie will satisfy all those X-Files fanatics out there, but if you are an X-Files novice, I think you will enjoy the movie just as much. Julie.

Julie Chen: Jesse, why did it take so many years to get this movie finally made?

JC: Well there were a lot fights about money.  Most recently between the creator Chris Carter and FOX, the studio.  But also Duchovny also had some disagreements about money with them as well. 

Julie Chen: But everyone’s happy now.

JC: Clearly everyone’s happy, all back together, one big happy family



Kirk's close encounter with 'The-X Files'




X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE Interviews - David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson

http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=co … mp;id=1295

X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE Interviews - Крис Картер

http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=co … mp;id=1294



David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson Interview Portraits July 21, 2008

http://www.mitchpileggi.net/DD_GA_Inter … raits.html



Содержит спойлеры!!!!!!!!
X-Files: I Want to Believe Round Table
Chris Carter David Duchovny Fox Frank Spotnitz Gillian Anderson X-Files X-Files: I Want to Believe
Interview by: Andrew Kasch

Who would have thought after the series ended in 2002 that a second film would arrive in theatres? The return of Mulder and Scully is certainly welcome, but how will it all turn out?

We're hoping these two round table interviews with (1) David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and (2) producer Frank Spotnitz and writer/director Chris Carter will help answer all the questions fans have. Beware! There are spoilers here. Listen at your own risk.

http://www.dreadcentral.com/interviews/ … ound-table

Транскрипт - http://www.darkhorizons.com/interviews/xfiles.php








'X Files' to Sex Files

http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2008/07/x … _files.php



The Vegas Film Critic, Jeffrey K. Howard, sits down with the cast of the new X-Files movie.





Brett Martin Junket Interview (July 22, 2008)

DD: When we started working together it was like no time has passed, for me.  For Gillian, it was like six years have passed.  *GA laugh*  No it was very easy, very easy to slip back into it.

Interviewer:Why don't you, why don't you believe?

DD: should ask Scully.

GA:Good question!

DD:Gillian she's always, she'd always get upset about that during the show. Jesus!  You know what I've seen?!

GA:There were certain times, man, when I called Chris and said, "you gotta be kidding  me, I can't keep getting this.

DD: You can't always go back.  Remember that it was "after all you've seen, why can't you believe?" *GA laughs*

GA:How many times did you say that?

DD:Just once but they kept on...

GA:Did you really only say that once?

DD:I don't know, but they keep on playing that.  "Why don't you believe?"  You watch this couple trying to solve the case while their relationship is exploding or coming together or whatever.  you know, that's kinda, that's very interesting, you don't see that in movies very often, where see actually working couple work it out while they are doing their work.  A lot work there.

GA:That was good.

DD:Good night!



Фотографии с Премьеры в Лос-Анджелесе


http://www.gettyimages.com/Search/Search.aspx?src=quick&contractUrl=2&assetType=image&family=editorial&phrase=The X-files#

http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.a … amp;nbc1=1



Видео с премьеры

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are back on the big screen as FBI agents Mulder and Scully in the new movie 'The X-Files: I Want To Believe,' in theaters everywhere Friday, and Gillian gave us the latest on her growing baby bump: It's a boy! When ET asked the expecting mother about her thoughts on co-star David Duchovny playing the role of babysitter, Gillian repsonded "That's really funny, I think he would be nervous about it, it would force him into being really protective."

Picking up six years after the end of the original TV series, the new movie is a stand-alone story that takes the complicated relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in unexpected directions. Of course, the unexplained and the paranormal is still very normal and sometimes lethal in the 'X-Files' universe.

Watch ET for more with Gillian and David at the premiere!



Q&A with David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz at the IWTB premiere in Hollywood.



E! Online Video "X-Files Sequel Exites Stars

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с Джиллиан - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sg9i7Mxwm8w   
David Duchovny - red carpet interview (LA premiere)  - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQkXJSvFsgY
Chris Carter - red carpet interview (LA premiere) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVeE9aoS3SA
Frank Spotnitz - red carpet interview (LA premiere) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CgaMbx_xEs



Кто-то все же хочет, чтобы ему откусили руки по самые ноги )) Пост с Хэвена:

Did anyone by chance tape E! news?!?! there was a press junket clip on the show today and it was one i hadnt seen! David patted Gillian's belly and said "we're so proud" and then says something to the effect of "we wanted to keep it a secret ..." It was so cute! I wanna see it again!!



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E! Online junket interview

Ben Lyons: Congratulations guys on reprising these iconic characters.  When you are on screen for the first time what did you miss the most about Mulder and Scully?

GA: The first day were weren't together so I was missing him, it was a lot harder without him around.

DD: It was really for the, for both of us, the key to do the show in any kind of successful way that resemble the show we used to do, working with one another to remember that way, so that's really... my first scene with Gillian is really what started the experience for me, like oh I get it now.

BL: Back at the X-files state of mind, because when the first film came out it was right at the show's success, and the last episode led into the movie.  Now you have sorta some time away from the franchise, do you sorta see the film being looked at differently from the fans or is there less pressure this time around, or how is it different?

GA: It's hard to say, but I think that Chris and Frank, the writers, have answered the call in a sense but also taken care of a lot of elements that were necessary in order to make it successful, and I think it's important that at this particular time this is a stand-alone feature, that it doesn't necessarily matter if somebody has seen the series or not.  A strong element of the movie is the relationship, and that's something people care about who know the characters and who's seen the series, but also from what we are hearing back, from people wh's seen the film, also a strong aspect of the film, that they want to care about when they are watching.

DD: They are surprised that it's romantic in anyway. You know, because that's really not what the X-Files is known for, but it's that kind of romance.  Not to say what happens between us, but just romantic in a sense of a man and woman trying to figure out being with one another.

BL: We see at the beginnig over here, you grow a great beard, you've always had... like this thick beard, not you've got one in the movie.  How long did it take for you to grow a beard?*GA laughs*

GA: 2 seconds.  35 minutes?

DD: That's a fake beard.  Yeah, so it takes me about an hour to grow it.

BL: Each day.  So for you was it difficult, sorta of getting into the mindset of playing Mulder again because you've been away from him for so long?

DD: With Gillian, it kinda keep me back in.

GA: He's lost without me.

DD: Yeah I'm lost without you.  Getting into the mindset of having a fake beard is harder.  *GA laughs* It's not to be underestimated, the claustrophobic, itchy factor of a such a beard.

BL: It's such a.. I see you in person, I see you on screen.  You went to my high school, you carry yourself like a Collegiate kid.  For those who don't know, it's a school in New York.  I see you on screen with this sense of humor, and this demeanor about you that's very reminiscent about going to school there.  What do you remember about your days at Collegiate?

DD: I had fun at Collegiate, I was there for four years, I was there for high school. I didn't go there the whole time, but it was a good time for me.  High School was good to me. Nothing, but really fond memories at Collegite.

BL: The original Joker Ceasar Romerro whent ot Collegiate, for a while he was the most famous alum, now David has sorta taken the baton.  Now Mark Ronson is becoming this huge deal.  Are you threatened maybe that Mark Ronson might be the most famous alum?

GA&DD: Who's Mark Ronson? *GA laughs*

BL: It's the answer I was looking for.

DD: Who is it?

BL: Won 3 Grammys, he wrote Amy Winehouse's whole record.

DD&GA: Oh, okay.

DD: That's good, he went to Collegiate?

BL: Yeah he went to Collegiate. 

GA: Okay, that's cool.

DD: Good man.

BL: Exactly what I wante.  "Who's Mark Ronson?" that's great.

DD: We like him.

GA: Yeah we like him, if he supports a drug addict. We love that.

BL: Well guys congratulations on bringing The X-Files back, you made a lot of hardcore fans happy.

DD: Good.

GA: Thank you.



Hollywood Outbreak Junket (July 25, 2008)

HO: After all these years you guys have been together, you still call each other Mulder and Scully.

DD: Yeah that's a Chris Carter thing.

GA: It's sweet isn't it.

DD: You know in the show we'd always pull out the "Dana" for like the...

GA: The early years...

DD: Big moments.

GA: Fox.

DD: Yeah.

*clip from movie*

DD: We are just lucky as actors to play well off one another.  And it's kinda been that way from the beginning when we were waiting to go to read for the network.  I forget that I came up to you? Or just we just started running lines together before we went in there, so...

GA: You were trying to pick me up.

DD: Was I?  *GA laughs*  Was I? Do you think I was?

GA: I don't.  no no no, I didn't say that.

DD: There was something even then that put us together and even when we were doing the show, no matter what kind troubles we had as people off the show with one another off the show, it just never affected that.  So time doesn't affect it either. It's like nothing affects it. It's weird.

GA: There has been times when we were in the midst of shooting the series where we were, we were exhausted and fed up with ourselves, with each other...

DD: Didn't talk to one another.

GA: Didn't talk to each other, and yet we could do these scenes together.

DD: The only time we talked to each other was as Mulder and Scully.

GA: Yeah.

DD: For weeks at a time.

GA: Yet the chemistry was there, we were you know... There was actually one time when somebody called me and said, "You guys are really angry!"

DD: The weird thing is anger looks like love on film actually. 

GA: And in real life sometimes.

DD: Yeah.



JoBlo junket interview (July 25, 2008)

The introduction accompanying the interview:

Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are one of the most memorable duos on television, or anywhere else for that matter. Both are very talented and they were able to bring Scully and Mulder to life in the most satisfying ways. Yes, I can’t imagine “The X-Files” without them, thus I sort of lost interest towards the last few seasons as their characters seemed to disappear. So it is an absolute pleasure to see them back again for THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE.

It was a strangely startling experience walking into a room, while Mr. Duchovny passes me by so he can stretch his legs and then having the stunningly beautiful Gillian sit across from me. I was a bit speechless at first, only congratulating her on her pregnancy. Seriously, she’s got the glow… big time. But soon, once David sat down and we began to talk, I felt very comfortable with the two. I think that they were a little tired of the constant parade of journalists, but in the end, I’m happy to report that were really terrific to talk to. As I walked away, I even heard David say a couple of nice comments regarding the interview and JoBlo… too bad it wasn’t on camera though. But if you think the truth is out there, check out THE X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE, opening this Friday at a theatre near you.

JoBlo: Now first of all both you have gone on and done some very impressive projects.  You with "Californication", "Bleak House" was brilliant.  By the way I just got to say that right now.

GA: Thank You.

JoBlo: How was it coming back to these characters? Relating it like you did?

GA: It was something I was looking forward to in a big way.  I always liked Scully.  My desire at the end of the series to move away from her was pure natural human exhaustion and desire to stretch my wing and do different things.  But I always appreciated her, respected her, and enjoyed playing her.  So it's... coming back with that distance in between, I was very much looking forward to it. 

DD: Yeah I think the distance made us both appreciate it more than we did when we were doing it, when we were inside of it.  Being out side for a while, give us some perspective, and you know a real kind fondness for doing it.

JoBlo: Well 9 years on a project that's got be ?? for you.  So you come back to this, this film, which is really, it felt different from the last movie. It felt more like the series in the sense of explored your faith.  Basically it's faith vs. science.  How was it... was it one of the big draws for you to come back?

DD: Well, we were back before there was a script, speaking for myself, Chris  Carter, I trust him to come up with the goods, so you know I hadn't seen the script before I had said yes, but I thnk you are right. It heartens back to the beginning of the show, when we were the only show on television that was the scary show.  And we had little one hour shows that had big ideas, big film ideas.  I think it was always natural for us to be movies because I always thought the ideas were big enough for movies, and this is like one of the early shows that made into a movie.

JoBlo: What about you going back to this character with the Christianity, with the Catholic, you know, that angle.  Was that fun for you too?

GA: Well, I wouldn't say that it was fun.  It's not my experience, you know, my experience, Gillian's experience hasn't been one of Catholicism, or any real religious background.  But what I did find appealing was the struggles, the continuous questioning, the searching they both continue to do in their own lives and together in their relationship.  At first there was a part of me that was a little nervous about the amount of faith that is discussed, etc. etc.  But at the same time it's really relevant.

DD: It's really established too. You have to, you have to establish for people who hasn't seen the show, you know, who you are and what you believe in. So it might have felt a little redundant at times, but I think it was necessary to welcome people to the series who didn't know anything about it.

JoBlo: And it is called "I want to believe", I can't think of a more apropo title, especially with the ending.  That leaves out there for you.

DD: Right.



http://www.foxnews.com/video/index.html … d=playlist

GA/DD junket FOXnews.com

FOX: For X-Files stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, the hardest thing for them to return to The X-Files was remembering the complicated plotline.

GA: I remember nothing.

DD: I remember odd details that don't make any sense.

GA: No. The important things like having a baby...

DD: Yeah we forgot about that. We forgot we had a baby.

GA: Yeah, forgot about that.

FOX: Even six years after the show went off the air, fans still ask about the two actors reuniting on projects like David's hit Showtime series Californication.

DD: It's very funny. You know, I've been... I have been blogging for the movie.

GA: Yeah.

DD: Last few movies I've done I've been blogging beforehand, it's actually a little fun.  But...I'm blogging for this movie, and a lot of people are asking me "Are you going to be on Californication?" And I had to finally say, no.

FOX: Not so fast Mr. Mulder.

GA: I offered myself early on and said that I could be somebody who's obsessed with Scully, and wanted to have sex with him as Scully.

FOX: But as Duchovny explained, being so closely identified with their X-Files alter-egos is both a blessing and a curse.

DD: It's just that we have so much history as actors together, forget about my show, any time we appear together we are going to bring that baggage with us and the only thing we can do is to kind make fun of it, and that gets old.

FOX: For now, fans will just have to be satisfied with two fresh hours of Mulder and Scully investigating the unexplained.



TV Guide Channel premiere coverage (July 23, 2008)

This is a cut version of the full show, just the parts where GA (and some David) was involved.  There were a lot of just narrative junk, so I'm only going to transcribe the part where DD/GA was interviewed on the red carpet and for the junket stuff, and the little bit of a GA profile thing.

*bunch of intro stuff*

DD: The coffee's driving you crazy.

GA: I think so! *she and DD laughs* I've changed.

DD: You want me to move? I'm too close to you.  *GA giggles* She's snapping all of a sudden, she's been so wonderful.

MI: The pressure of these junkets.

DD: No it's coffee. She just flipped, switched.

GA: I just had a few.

*on set press kit stuff that's been posted elsewhere and more narrative about the movie and characters*

MI: So many rumors flying around on the internet about the story, speculations of you are a werewolf, you are an angel, all kinds of crazy stories.

GA: Angel?! I haven't heard that.

MI: What can you tell us about some of these secrets.

DD: I'm a werewolf.

GA: and I'm an angel.

MI: So those spoilers are true.

DD: Yeah, you got us.

GA: Yeah.

MI: Our Brandi Williams is standing by in the midst of all the excitement, Brandi, what's happening?

BW: Mark, I'm here with the star himself, David Duchovny. How are you, so nice to meet you.  What do you make of all this? These guys have been out there since midnight to see you!

DD: I just worry about the sunburn.

BW: I felt like this film was more a murder mystery film than sci-fi, so will that disappoint your fans at all?

DD: No because of course it has elements of paranormal in it and that's always an element of X-Files, you know, the debate between Mulder and Scully, you know, rational scientific explanation and an irrational paranormal explanation, I don't think you can come away on either side of the movie. I think it's open to doubt. 

BW: Is there more to come?

DD: Hope so.

BW: Mark look who it is, it's Gillian Anderson, looking lovely.

GA: Thank you.

BW: And congratulations on the pregnancy, how far along are you?

GA: Thank you, I'm about six months.

BW: Not an alien child is it?

GA: Actually yes because my partner is British, so that would be a positive.

BW: As a women, this movie was a little bit gory, did you ever get weak in the stomach at all because a lot of the body parts looked very real.

GA: It's very different to see something like this as an audience member than it is to actually read the script to get really technical about it, so...when we used to do the series, I had to read the scripts in the daylight, and never night time, so you know that was part of my own fears around it.

BW: Thank you so much for talking to us.

MI: Now for a look at David Duchovny's sexy sidekick, Gillian Anderson.  The actress turns 40 next month, and she's got a slew of awards and nominations for her role as Agent Scully (sorry video bit was cut off).  Gillian's career has been anything but, the fiery actress tells us that her post-X plan was to steer clear parts that resembled Scully.

GA: There was a certain, a different level of appreciation we both have for the series we worked so hard on for such a long time, and that both have a an individual and unique experience that nobody else really has. 

MI: And after receiving a Golden Globe and BAFTA nom for her role in the BBC drama Bleak House, it looks like her plan paid off.  But Gillian's personal life has also been on an upswing since X-Files wrapped in 2002.  Gillian  had a boy, with business man boyfriend Mark Griffiths, and the couple is expecting another child later this year.  But the relationship on X-Files fans' mind is the relationship between Mulder and Scully.

GA: You know, we had a lot of fun in the filming of it, and the opportunity to come back and do it again, you know, it's a good one.



GA KROQ interview at LA Premiere

KROQ: It's hot out there.  I just asked David and I want to ask you, what are the challenges for you as an actress to come back to a role that you haven't visited in 5 or 6 years?  Does it pose a certain challenge to have to read and be in habit of the character? Was it difficult at all?

GA: It was, I think I've spoken about it so much, that you guys may be tired of hearing it, but I...

KROQ: yeah they are tired of hearing it. *crowd cheers*

GA: You know I think part of it was I spent such a long time, trying, just to get her out of my brain in order to focus on doing different things, so that whenever Sculy would come up while I'm doing something else, part of my brain would be going, "Stop it! Do something different." But now, trying to recall that again, in order to bring her back to life, I found it a lot more challenging than I had anticipated.  I got quite complacent about it.

KROQ: did you find your personal experiences that have happened in the past 6 or so years had colored her when you brought it back to the screen?  Dave was talking about the fact how everyone sorta have aged, and more mature, the fans have matured, did you apply that to any of your performance?

GA: Sure, absolutely.  I think obviously having gotten older over time, but a lot of it was actually built into, built into the script itself.

*DD walks over and says something into her ear*

GA: It was built into the script, the way the years has passed is very much present, and it's present in the film and you'll see as well. I think it's strung into the character.

KROQ: I also talked to David earlier. You've done such great work since X-Files.  I mean Bleak House, I wouldn't miss it.  *crowd cheers*  But given the chance, I know you are busy negotiating your career and dealing with all that stuff, do you ever sit back and think, it's kinda cool that I've created a character that will live on with the fans forever and ever, that iconic TV character that you've had a hand in in bringing it to life, that's kinda cool.

GA: Absolutely, I mean I've been aware for a long time of how appreciative I should been and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity. Not least to be able to play somebody thatou actually like being with, or like being... being on a day to day basis for so many years. You know it doesn't happen very often and it was a huge pleasure to spent all that time in her shoes, and also to be part of something that was as iconic and as influential as the series was.

KROQ: I have women in my own life who have said how much Scully influenced them in the work that they do. Does that ever play on your mind at all? Do you...

GA: Well it plays on my mind when I receive a letter or email that somebody says that you know I just graduated from medical school because of Scully or I just did something that I would be able to do, unles Scully was there to inspire me.

KROQ: That's pretty cool.

GA: That is so cool.



E!Daily10 junket (July 25, 2008)

DM: Last night TV's most iconic agents were back on the job at the LA Premiere of The X-Files: I Want to Believe, which comes a decade after the first X-Files movie that premiered.  When our own Ben Lyon sat down with the stars, they covered the basics, you know, sex, drug, rockin' roll, in our number 3 story.

BL: I love how the full title of the film is The X-Files: I Want to Believe.  One of the things in your everyday life now, what are the things that are in your career that you believe in?

GA: Woah, serious question! In having children later, I've got a 20-month old and obviously one on the way, I think that's what I've learned to believe in, to actually... family, my offsprings are the most important things in my life.  You know, after so many different years looking in so many different places, and trying to fill the holes in different ways...

DD: *suggestive cough* 

*everyone laughs*

GA: And... speaking of which *looking at DD*

DD: Wow.

GA: Go ahead.

DD: No...

BL: It's such a.. I see you in person, I see you on screen. You went to my high school, you carry yourself like a Collegiate kid. For those who don't know, it's a school in New York. I see you on screen with this sense of humor, and this demeanor about you that's very reminiscent about going to school there. What do you remember about your days at Collegiate?

DD: I had fun at Collegiate, I was there for four years, I was there for high school. I didn't go there the whole time, but it was a good time for me. High School was good to me. Nothing, but really fond memories at Collegite.

BL: The original Joker Ceasar Romerro went to Collegiate, for a while he was the most famous alum, now David has sorta taken the baton. Now Mark Ronson is becoming this huge deal. Are you threatened maybe that Mark Ronson might be the most famous alum?

GA&DD: Who's Mark Ronson? *GA laughs*

BL: It's the answer I was looking for.

DD: Who is it?

BL: Won 3 Grammys, he wrote Amy Winehouse's whole record.

DD&GA: Oh, okay.

DD: That's good, he went to Collegiate?

BL: Yeah he went to Collegiate.

GA: Okay, that's cool.

DD: Good man.

BL: Exactly what I wanted. "Who's Mark Ronson?" that's great.

DD: We like him.

GA: Yeah we like him, if he supports a drug addict. We love that.

*clip from Californication*

ML:Gillian, are you a bit freaked out now to work with David after he's been with so many women on Californication?

GA:When I first started working with him I was freaked out by how many women he's been with, so it's been... it's not that much... he's add a few others to the list? I don't know.

ML:Is that now how it is with the show? You've lost count?

GA:I thought there was like four in the first episode.

DD:Well, yeah, the first couple of episodes were like the calling card, fooled you into thinking, it obviously worked! *pointing at ML, GA giggles* But... I forgot the question.



Reelz Junket interview (July 28, 2008)

*bunch fan interview about whether they liked the movie or not*

Reelz: Forget about aliens, this X-Files movie, I Want to Believe, is a stand-alone story about kidnapping, murder, and the twisted mystery of the human faith.

DD: It's the same Mulder and Scully as on the series, it's about respect, and back and forth, opposition and love.

Reelz: I'm a believer now.  Because this movie came out so many years later, and the television show is not on the air anymore, you felt like you had more freedom?

CC: We had the freedom to sorta of step back and say, "Where would these characters be now?" They've been involved for 16 years, it was sweet to be able to say, this is what happened in the passage of time.

Reelz: Everyone seems to be talking about, well is Mulder and Scully gonna get together in the movie? Do you think they are going to be satisfied or not satisfied?

GA: It depends on how high their expectations are, in any case, it's hard to..

DD: You can please some and not please others.

GA: Yeah.

DD: But what we do kind honor is the intensity of the relationship.

Reelz: How much of Mulder and Scully are in your real personalities?

GA: I don't think there is that many similarities, but there has to be because it's me that's playing her. So...

DD: They look a lot alike.

GA: But she's taller.

Reelz: And Anderson is not kidding.  Even though you will not see past plotlines in the movie, what did make in from the series was the trick that allows 5'3 Anderson to be eye-level with the 6' tall Duchovny. Did you have to stand on the apple box during the shooting with him?

GA: Oh yeah.

DD: She does need to be lift up a little so you can get both of us in frame, but you can't just walk, walk, and then come up. So she had a ramp.

GA: Yeah, ramp.

DD: So she's kinda, an imperceptible growth.

GA: But apparently there's something now that's called the "Gilly board", based on the fact that they had originally built that.

DD: Either that or build a trench for me.

Reelz: Despite joking around, I Want to Believe takes X-Files fans back into the darkness and more.

CC: I think what you bring from this movie is not the darkness. You saw the movie, you take away faith in the end, you take away hope, and it's something precious, not something dark.

Reelz: surprisingly, Gillian Anderson, who's pregnant with her 3rd child, also said if there's another X-Files movie, she wants Scully to kick more butt, how about that Mike?

Mike: Well she sounds like one tough mother!



Фотографии с премьеры в Лондоне

http://www.mitchpileggi.net/X-Files_2_L … miere.html

http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.a … amp;nbc1=1

http://www.wireimage.com/ItemListings.a … amp;nbc1=1



Empire: X-Files: I Want To Believe Featurette:


(trailer begins)
(UNKLE's remix of the X-Files theme plays)
(trailer/footage with the theme remix plays throughout this video, in between CC/DD/GA's comments)

CC: The specific vision I had was, uh, well - I wanted to scare people.

DD: There is a strong relationship between Mulder and Scully and it's not the primary focus of the movie. The primary focus of the movie is the ride, is the case, the procedural. What the bad guys are trying to do in this movie is something that Chris has rightly been trying to keep under wraps.

CC: There's an extra element to the movie fundamental to the X-Files idea. It's about science, it's about faith, it's about the supernatural.

GA: You know, we're having similar conversations between the skeptic and the believer but it seems to be on a much more intense level than it was in the series, or at least in a lot of the episodes. There seems to more at stake. The questions and the answers, they're bigger somehow.

CC: Coming back together was great. It felt like nothing had changed. There was still that original spark.

GA: It felt incredibly natural...just kind of looking across the room at each other and going, "Hey, you're-eh-Hi!" you know? (giggles)

DD: It was nice to actually just wear the clothes again and to, you know, just be the character again...or, just being in a scene with Gillian really got my memory going to the right place.

CC: It was film making on the run, by the seat of our pants. You had to be on your game. It was great, though.

GA: It was the weirdest thing. You know, a lot of the crew didn't read the script...dressing all the elements that they needed to. It is, quintessentially, X-Files. It preys on the incredibly unique but recognizable.

DD: What makes a story an X-File is it's creepy and scary and smart and I think that's what we've done here.

CC: I'd like to think we can keep it a secret. Like a Christmas present on Christmas morning. The element of surprise is something that I hold and I'd like to continue to hold it.


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