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Очень красивое, характерное фото  :love:  :love:

Фильм будет представлен на фестивале с 7 по 9 марта:

Cinequest Film Festival
Feature Film | NR | 97 min
World Premiere
San Jose, California
She risked everything for freedom.
Executive produced by Emma Thompson, and with supporting performances by Gillian Anderson and David Arquette, director Jeffrey Brown’s adaptation of Patricia McCormick’s National Book Award nominee is a powerful and haunting depiction of the horror faced by millions and the resilience of the human spirit.
Twelve-year-old Lakshmi lives in her village in the Himalayas. Although her family is poor, Lakshmi’s joy is infectious. When a monsoon destroys her family’s rice paddy, Lakshmi’s stepfather negotiates a deal to have her work in the city as a domestic servant.
Filled with hope and pride for the opportunity to help her family, Lakshmi travels to India, where she learns the unthinkable: she’s been sold into prostitution. Living a nightmare, Lakshmi must summon her courage and strength to endure cruelty and find her way out and back to her life.



Классное фото.
Очень хочется увидеть фильм.



Какое суперское фото!!!



In the movie SOLD, Gillian Anderson (X-Files, Last King of Scotland, House of Mirth, Bleak Hous) plays Sophia. Gillian is a powerhouse. Her role is inspired by photographer Lisa Kristine who has photographed slaves all over the world. They met on set and Lisa showed Gillian how she works in the field--quickly. Stay tuned, more to come. http://www.soldthemovie.com/





Джиллиан хорошенькая очень.



Какая куколка хорошая, прелесть  :love:  :love:



На сайте фильма можно посмотреть трейлер: http://www.soldthemovie.com
Довольно не обычный.



Коротко и загадочно.






Какая же она красивая!  :love:  :love:



SOLD to open 12th annual IFFLA
5 March, 2014 | By Jeremy Kay

Jeffrey D Brown’s child trafficking film will open the 12th Indian Film Festival Of Los Angeles (IFFLA), while Jasmine Jaisinghani has been appointed the festival’s first artistic director.

IFFLA founder and chair of the board Christina Marouda made the announcements. Jaisinghani arrives from AFI FEST, where she served as the cultural and industry relations director and headed guest services.

Emma Thompson served as executive producer on SOLD and Gillian Anderson, David Arquette and Seema Biswas star in the adaptation of Patricia McCormick’s fact-based book.

“Because of SOLD’s marvelous script and courageous and brilliant cast it is a story that we can all watch, so that we may understand the processes of slavery in modern India and feel able to act without feeling the kind of rage and hopelessness that gets in the way of doing anything,” said Thompson (pictured in conversation during the awards season.)

Commenting on the Jaisinghani hire, Marouda said: “We’re thrilled to have Jasmine on board as our artistic director. She was our first festival coordinator in 2005 and has been associated with IFFLA since. This feels like a full circle, and we could not think of a more deserving person to take on this position.”

Jaisinghani, an independent producer of Indian-Mexican descent, has also worked extensively in the music industry, including a tenure at George Harrison’s record label Dark Horse.

Rounding out this year’s programming team are director of programming Mike Dougherty, documentary film programmer Sudeep Sharma and short film programmer Thouly Dosios.

The full line-up of IFFLA screenings and events will be announced in mid-March. The festival is scheduled to run from April 8-13 in Hollywood.



Трейлер со сценами с Джи: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p520yatpcsw8z … er_v03.mov



Хороший трейлер, Джиллиан очень красивая, а ребенка жалко.



Сильный трейлер, хочется посмотреть фильм поскорее



Сильный фильм ожидается.






Побыстрей бы увидеть фильм.



Scully is Sold on Sophia
Не большое, но хорошее интервью.



Хорошее интервью.



"Sold" to Open London Indian Film Festival
Emma Thompson-produced film to have its European bow in the U.K.
Shalini Dore

After kicking off the Indian Film Festival Los Angeles in April, Jeffrey Brown’s “Sold,” produced by Emma Thompson, will have its European premiere at the London Indian Film Festival this summer.

Based on Patricia McCormick’s “Sold,” the real-life drama centers on a Nepali girl’s struggle after being sold into prostitution in Kolkata. Newcomer Niyar Saikia plays the young girl and Gillian Anderson an American photog who tries to rescue her. Anderson is expected to participate in a Q&A in London at the film’s opening night along with other talent.

Going beyond Bollywood, the London fest highlights indie Indian cinema, playing at venues including Cineworld Haymarket, BFI Southbank, ICA and Cineworld Cinemas. Grant-funded by the BFI Film Festival Fund, this year’s edition runs July 10-17.

Festival director Cary Rajinder Sawhney called “Sold” “a film which is remarkable on many fronts not least its riveting script and direction, but also gripping performances by Indian and U.S. actors, especially lead actor Niyar Saikia.”

The rest of the lineup will be released in the coming months.
http://variety.com/2014/film/festivals/ … 1201162556

Премера  фильма Sold, спродюсированного Эммой Томпсон, состоится в рамках фестиваля индийского кино в Лондоне, который пройдет с 10 по 17 июля этого года. Это история о молодой девушке, проданной в сексуальное рабство. Героиня Джиллиан - фотограф, пытающая вызволить девушку. Картина будет показана 10 июля и станет фильмом-открытием. В этот день предполагается встреча с Джиллиан и остальными членами группы, ответы на вопросы в рамках презентации фильма.



Gopal Chowdhury : The first scene of Gillian on 1st day of her shooting. I can remember she was so careful about the continuity of the falling feather. Actors should learn from her that how to respect every aspect of filmmaking. It was a great time with Gillian and the great director Jeffrey Brown. I am honored by working the film "SOLD"



tailin написал(а):

В этот день предполагается встреча с Джиллиан и остальными членами группы, ответы на вопросы в рамках презентации фильма.

Хорошая новость.



London Indian Film Festival Cool Beyond Bollywood 2014 Programme



Радио-интервью Джиллиан, послушать/скачать:
http://www.mediafire.com/download/9nn0q … Report.mp3
Серьезная тема, серьезная Джиллиан (судя по голосу), вопрос касательно СМ был не в тему по-моему.



Вопрос был совершенно не к месту и теме задан.



Gillian Anderson: “Sold is an important voice in the shouts against human trafficking.”

Gillian Anderson: Sold is an important voice in the shouts against human trafficking.Showcasing as the Opening Night film for the London Indian Film Festival is Sold, which tells the story of one girl who becomes a victim of human trafficking. Set in India and Nepal, where many such stories take place, Sold is about an extraordinary thirteen year old girl named Lakshmi. To her horror and ours she is sold into prostitution. Though she has lost her freedom and must cope with degradation at the hands of both clients and captors, Lakshmi retains her personal sense of honor and dignity. Lakshmi begins to put a plan in motion, and hopes to become one of the lucky ones to break the chains and escape – but first she must be willing to risk her life. It is the indomitability of her spirit that forms the heart of Sold.

Produced by Emma Thompson, along with Jane Charles, the Jeffrey D Brown directed film is based on the book Sold by Patricia McCormick, and it stars Gillian Anderson, David Arquette along with a great Indian and Nepali ensemble cast including Seema Biswas. The glamorous premiere happens on 10th July, and actress Gillian Anderson will be walking down the red carpet and will also take part in a Q&A after the film’s screening.

We were very lucky to catch Ms. Anderson on a break from her show in New York to talk about her experiences shooting for Sold. She also revealed her thoughts on this moving and powerful film and what she hopes it will do to shine a light on the tragedy of human trafficking.

How did you become a part of the project?
I knew Jeffrey from another project and he asked if I would jump on when the character had one line before he met Lisa and grew the role to embody her and her important work.

What made you want to be a part of the film Sold?
I loved the script and felt that it was an important voice in the shouts against human trafficking and was determined to make it work with my schedule.

Did you know that human trafficking was such a huge worldwide issue and tragedy?

I had no idea it was the pandemic that it is.

Tell us about your character in the film.
Gillian Anderson: Sold is an important voice in the shouts against human trafficking.Tell us about your character in the film.
Sophia is modeled really on the humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine. She is an astoundingly talented photographer and a very courageous humanitarian bearing witness to the atrocities of human slavery world-wide. I attempted to embody a modicum of her compassion, grace and light in the character.

How did you prepare to play this role?
I researched the facts around the issue and had conversations with Kristine – really that was all.

Were you part of the workshops and meetings with the girls that had been rescued as part of the preparation for the film? What was that experience like?
I met with young girls at some of the shelters that we visited. It was not appropriate for me to ask them to divulge their stories but they are the same stories everywhere and they are all horrible.

Tell us about your experiences shooting in India.
I have been to India many times but have never filmed there before. I have witnessed over the years that one needs great patience to live in India but discovered one needs greater patience to film there! Nothing like filming in America or the UK. Jeffrey handled it brilliantly and was generous and kind and courteous no matter what the days stresses presented.

0 Gillian Anderson: Sold is an important voice in the shouts against human trafficking.What did you take away with you from making this film?
A passion for the city of Calcutta and a fury about the fact that hundreds and thousands of girls and boys just like Lakshmi have to face the horrors you see in this film, everyday.

When I spoke to both Jane Charles and Jeffery D Brown, through every word you could feel the passion they have for this project and this issue, what was it like working with them?
They have both dedicated their lives now to this film and the greater cause. It is because of their passion that the film is getting the attention that it is and people are finally learning about what is happening in their own back yards. I really hope that it makes a difference.

It is making its European Premiere at LIFF, what are your thoughts on that and hopes for the film there?
I live in London and am very pleased and proud that this film is standing up and making noise in my home town. A great festival to be a part of.

What are your hopes for the film?
That it causes enough waves that change is made. Governments around the world need to take it seriously and get involved on a monumental scale. Change cannot happen if the reality of the situation is kept in the dark. A light needs to be shined on the whole sad truth of it.

BollySpice would like to thank Gillian Anderson for taking the time to speak with us. Stay tuned as we have two additional exclusive interviews with producer Jane Charles and director Jeffrey D Brown.
http://bollyspice.com/85505/gillian-and … witterfeed



Не терпится уже увидеть фильм.



Так выглядит фотограф Лиза Кристин. Со своими данными Джиллиан идеально вписалась в роль.



Красивая женщина.



Фильм получил приз зрительских симпатий на London Indian Film Festival.