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IBG Event - 30 июля 2011

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Понеслася! :love:




"There were times when I was extremely funny" - Gillian Anderson is ON today. #XFiles #IBGConvo

Gillian brings up Mulder posing half-naked in front of the mirror. Huge cheers. #XFiles #IBGConvo

"I have to be honest with you, I've never thought what it's like to play Scully but I have to say I would want your clothes after S3"

"It must have been so cool to play Mulder. He's a cool guy!" - Gillian #XFiles #IBGConvo

"You never remembered episodes!" David ribs Gillian. #XFiles #IBGConvo

"People come up to me and say 'We worked on #XFiles [together] and I don't remember any of them," David jokes. #IBGConvo

"Is there one thing in particular about the series that you miss besides me?" asks Gillian. David says "the whole #XFiles family." #IBGConvo

Gillian says the first thing she did post-#XFiles that she had no time for while filming was "clean out my purse" #IBGConvo

"When the series first ended" -- Gillian starts. "What series?" jokes David. #IBGConvo

.@ederazzo introduced David and Gillian and now they are on stage. "I'm just going to figure it out" - says David.

"I guess it was awkward when we finally had to kiss after all that time," offers David. #XFiles #IBGConvo

Pause while both David and Gillian try to think of the most awkward, uncomfortable moment of filming during #XFiles. #IBGConvo

David says he has no input on Hank or his antics. "I don't get involved in that. How much input do you have in Hank?" #IBGConvo

"I was crossing the street to go to the set & this homeless guy...he fell in walking w/me and said 'Robert Duchovny; I love your work'

"You were there, not believing a word!" David laughs. #XFiles #IBGConvo

David wants to tell a story about the bank explosion episode of #XFiles but Gillian doesn't remember. "Was I there?" The crowd yells YEAH!

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В Пилоте в сцене с ванной, когда Скалли готовится купаться и когда показывают крупно попку Скалли, то не Джи попка, а дублёрши, жены Митча :'(



"He called me 'boss', and if you call me boss I'll pretty much let you do anything" - David Duchovny #HouseofD #IBGConvo

"Give me like 12 set ups, not 20" - David Duchovny on how he worked with Robin Williams' on #HouseofD #IBGConvo

Gillian mentions a teacher she had who visited her in detention and inspired her to be better than she already was. #IBGConvo

"Slow down-- which is good advice when you're younger and you don't get it." - David Duchovny on Mr. Rogers, a teacher who influenced him

"I'm beyond embarrassment at this point in my life" - David Duchovny says of awkward #Californication scenes.

"Some jobs I feel cost more than others and when they're costing a lot I think I actively work on gratitude" - Gillian Anderson #IBGConvo

"I still struggle with it," Gillian Anderson is candid, regarding not always loving being on set, how hard the work can be. #IBGConvo

David Duchovny says Robin Williams just loves being there which is all you need as an actor. He appreciates it

One of David's most important life lessons? Attitude. For Gillian? It's slowing down. Copycat!



"I try to do it at home," David isn't quite sure where she's going with this. 25 or 30 minutes spent meditating in the morning. #IBGConvo

"I meditate more than I do physical yoga now." - David Duchovny. Gillian wants to know how long his practice is, when, etc. #IBGConvo

"We forgot we weren't alone" - David Duchovny jokes after Gillian gets into deep thoughts.

Gillian meditates sometimes, and she's "better for it" when she does, but then she forgets to do it.

"Well that implies that you think with you vagina." -David Duchovny, he also says that she only played a doctor when she mentioned proteins.

"I think part of it is birthing three children and losing braincells" - Gillian Anderson #IBGConvo

"I go through stages&I'm better for it when I do and then I just forget...I forget anything that's good for me!" Gillian Anderson

David says he doesn't really have a writing routine and that's the problem. But he has a few scripts in the works. #IBGConvo

"He's the most interesting man in the world...we pale in comparison" - Gillian Anderson on Chris Carter #XFiles #IBGConvo

David says there are many skills he'd like to learn before he dies but thus far has put many off-- guitar, ski (finally learned), surf etc






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Gillian says she shows it to people and they say "No" and she gets depressed and doesn't touch it again for a few years.

"Oh, 'Things We Lost in the Fire'," Gillian realizes. "Yeah?" David is confused. Wasn't he in a movie of that name?

"No, not above anybody else," David says of a specific actor or director he'd want to work with.

"I wish I could have been on Jonny Carson" - Gillian says. "Oh, me too!" David agrees.

"You did 'Top Gear,' didn't you?" Gillian asks David. No, but he says he raced a Rascal once and beat Jeff Gordon.

"It had nothing to do with my skill; I had the inside lane. They go about two miles an hour" - David Duchovny says

"As Scully you did some driving...I seem to remember is when you looked over your shoulder, you looked over your [left]" - David

"Pointing out my shortcomings," Gillian says. "It was unique," David clarifies

Theatre was "really nervewracking" for David, not sure if it was what he expected it to be



"I remember you ate the cockroach" - David Duchovny says. "Cricket," he is corrected. #XFiles #IBGConvo

"The scene in the pilot with rain" - Gillian also remembers. Because it was super cold and her lips wouldn't move right

"We both got so much better," David says of their acting ability. Gillian wonders how anyone watched the pilot and picked it up. #IBGConvo

"Doing that scene in the bedroom" Gillian pauses. "Oh my God that was so poorly acted by me!" David exclaims.

Gillian says that her first authority scene, watching it now makes her "want to puke".

David and Gillian say that they were both enthusiastic in the pilot

"But there were how many other people watching?" Gillian says. "I wish I could burn those early episodes!" David admits. #IBGConvo

"It's like home movies," says David. "We were both learning in front of the whole world and getting paid to do it." #IBGConvo

Gillian says in the early days she didn't know how to play authoritative without playing cocky

Chris Carter is now getting miced and is about to take the stage alongside David and Gillian! #XFiles #IBGConvo

The scene in the #XFiles movie where Mulder and Scully were going to kiss but had to stop kept making them laugh bc Chris kept yelling "BEE"

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"Wouldnt it be funny if I came on as a different character..& I hate you?" Gillian's really pitching herself for #Californication #IBGConvo

"But honestly I don't think we could ever work together aside from what we did" - David says. Too iconic a pairing. Fans disagree. #IBGConvo

"Uh, we can't afford you?" David replies. "I'd do it for free, babe," Gillian retorts. #Californication #IBGConvo

"How come I've never been offered a guest role on #Californication?" Gillian asks David. Fans cheer so loud he doesn't know how to answer

David says he'd love to work with Gillian again, and though everyone wants to hear #XF3, he just says they'll figure something out





David Duchovny says "it'd have to be Mulder." Right answer with this crowd! #IBGConvo

If Gillian had to live the rest of her life as a character she played..."I played a woman who committed suicide, so..." #IBGConvo

Gillian would like to visit Vietnam and Laos and Cambodia someday. #IBGConvo

Where has Gillian not visited that she'd love to visit or work? "I actually haven't traveled that much of the world [at all]," she says.

Hank is back in Hollywood, but is he back on top? #IBGConvo

David says #Californication is not really a plot driven show but S5 is exciting-- two and a half years after last year. #IBGConvo

David only takes the 1st or 2nd ep of season so he has prep time. But #Supernatural moves shooting order around for Jensen Ackles so...

Would David consider directing the #Californication series finale? "Sure! I would direct more of them if I could prep them." #IBGConvo

"She's raising a young girl to break men's hearts the same way her heart was broken." Gillian says she had amazing wigs, silver white hair.

"[Ms Haversham]'s heart has been broken 15 yrs previously b/c the person she was set to marry said he didn't want to..." Gillian #IBGConvo

First fan question is about Ms. Haversham for Gillian. She does want David questions first since he has to leave soon.


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"So well done" - David #IBGConvo

"The mythology was really set up in #DeepThroat...there was a trail we were following but the pregnancy actually gave it direction" - Chris

David mentions Gillian's pregnancy, and she jokes that she doesn't remember that. #IBGConvo

Gillian asks if David knows what it could be. "I have no f***ing clue!"

"There was this young guy in the early 90s who used to be really cute. All I remember about him is this red Speedo. Robert...?" - Gillian

Before he leaves David takes the fan mic. "Who's your favorite actor?"

David Duchovny has to leave now but Gillian&Chris are sticking around for more convo + autographs & photos for VIP ticket holders.

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Chris says it's getting there about XF3

Question: is there an xf3 movie in the works. Chris says it's in discussion. Gillian asking what else we can do.

Chris says Don't Give Up

Chris is blown away that after 10 years 200 people are in this room

A fan asks why Chris gave away William. William coming back in XF3 has been discussed.

Chris says XF3 would be a mythology movie. He says December 21st 2012 sounds like a good release date.

If Gillian could go back in time and give herself advice she would tell herself not to worry so much.

Gillian on XFiles porn, "I have to get some of that!"

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Всё, вопросы-ответы закончились, сейчас раздача автографов начнётся. Ну, что могу сказать. С одной стороны всё замечательно, безумно рада была видеть их вместе. Но с другой стороны - всего одна фотка в обнимку, хнык :'( Надеюсь, всё компенсируется, когда выложат двд-версию. Потому что шутили они как всегда блестяще, подкалывали друг друга, в общем, что точно могу сказать - что химия никуда не делась! :P



Сантильяна написал(а):

В Пилоте в сцене с ванной, когда Скалли готовится купаться и когда показывают крупно попку Скалли, то не Джи попка, а дублёрши, жены Митча

Вот тут они загоняют чего-то, жена Митча начала работать над СМ далеко не с первого сезона, и учитывая, что они ничего о первых сериях не помнят, сомневаюсь я )))

Сантильяна написал(а):

Потому что шутили они как всегда блестяще, подкалывали друг друга, в общем, что точно могу сказать - что химия никуда не делась!

По-моему она никуда не денется даже когда им по 90 будет ))
Меня напряг разговор про ремейк, что Картер почти уверен, что через какое-то количество лет кто-то обязательно за него возьмется. Что-то меня это жутко расстроило ))
Санти, а что они сказали про 3-й фильм?
Да и самое главное, Джиллиан оно понятно, но я очень рада, что Дэвид хорошо выглядит, очень хорошо, молодец.
Вместе они просто потрясающе замечательные и сексуальные! Обожаю их!
И спасибо им за такое чудо, такие эмоции мало где получишь.



tailin написал(а):

Санти, а что они сказали про 3-й фильм?

Крис сказал, что ведутся переговоры. Что они пытаются добиться успеха в отношении 3-го фильма. Сказал донт гив ап :P Сказал, что 3 фильм будет мифологическим, и что 21 декабря 2012 - отличная дата для его выпуска :)



Ну, если у Криса есть надежда, то нам грех ее потерять, будем донт гив ап всеми силами!  :P Если они все же снимут третий фильм я себе татуировку на попе сделаю с этими словами, причем русскими буквами, клятвенно обещаю  http://greentree.spybb.ru/uploads/0001/a6/79/66458-1.gif 
Хороший вечер у них получился и мне чертовски нравится как горят глаза у Девида на их совместном фото, скорее бы получить видео, хоть кусочек, чтобы посмотреть как они друг с другом общаются. В общем, усилия того стоили, все получилось замечательно, в отличии от прошлого раза, когда ДД и Джи не было.



Это даааа, люблю их до поросячьего визга!!!! :P

Пошёл мну поспит немножко, у нас рассвело уже :P



http://s48.radikal.ru/i120/1107/f2/c01ba92679ac.jpg http://s55.radikal.ru/i150/1107/f0/6feda6c3f075.png http://s47.radikal.ru/i116/1107/c7/5d2381d5ffb8.jpg



Сантильяна написал(а):

Это даааа, люблю их до поросячьего визга!!!!

Санти смену отстояла! )))))))



:P Да жесть ваще, специально будильник ставила на 3.45 :P Хорошо, дома ещё никого, а то обвинили бы меня в сумасшествии 8-)



http://s40.radikal.ru/i090/1107/d2/ec89ec53971dt.jpg http://s60.radikal.ru/i169/1107/8e/7a88634d8ac2t.jpg http://i025.radikal.ru/1107/20/4e81e738d8d5t.jpg http://s004.radikal.ru/i205/1107/d8/80e4e9344bd4t.jpg http://s60.radikal.ru/i167/1107/3f/f32ab901791dt.jpg

Дооо! :love:




Ой какие милые чмоки-чмоки!  http://s17.rimg.info/db94ec4cd28561f8efcf9bb28bb8b340.gif   http://s17.rimg.info/db94ec4cd28561f8efcf9bb28bb8b340.gif 

И, кстати, я согласна на порно-версию СМ3, фанаты столько об этом говорят, что уже просто грех не снять ее  http://greentree.spybb.ru/uploads/0001/a6/79/66458-1.gif



Джи Дэвида "деткой" назвала :P  :love: Когда про Кали говорила. И классно было про "кто ваш любимый актёр?" А Джи: "Молодой парень начала 90-х, который был очень милым. Всё, что я помню о нём, это красные Спидо. Роберт?.." :D Роберт - это она пошутила, Дэвид чуть ранее рассказывал, как его на съёмках СМ кто-то называл Робертом Духовны :P



Здорово, я люблю, когда они шутят, так больше никто не делает, в такие моменты понимаешь, насколько они на самом деле близки друг другу.
Меня поражает память Джиллиан, она совершенно ничего не помнит о СМ, но зато она помнит почти всех фанатов в лицо и где именно с ними встречалась, гениальная женщина  :P



Перечитываю, умиляюсь! Джилл (по поводу секреток): "Ты скучаешь по чему-нибудь, кроме меня?" :P



Умничка, по чему там еще можно скучать кроме как по ней!  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0619.gif  Она у нас всегда была скромной девочкой с хорошим чувством юмора!



ДВД-диск будет включать в себя не только эти вопросы-ответы, но ещё и фотки "за сценой" :crazyfun: Блин, быстрей бы уже выслали эти диски кому-нибудь!



А ещё мило так то, как они готовили вопросы друг другу, у Джилли листик был с её вопросами, а Дэвид заготовил всё в голове :P



Сантильяна написал(а):

ДВД-диск будет включать в себя не только эти вопросы-ответы, но ещё и фотки "за сценой"  Блин, быстрей бы уже выслали эти диски кому-нибудь!

Блииин, и правда скорее бы, там наверняка много вкусного!

Сантильяна написал(а):

А ещё мило так то, как они готовили вопросы друг другу, у Джилли листик был с её вопросами, а Дэвид заготовил всё в голове

Лапы, вообще!  :P



Автографы Джи и КаКи :)



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