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London Film & Comic Con 2012_07.07.

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Отредактировано Сантильяна (2012-07-08 16:04:25)



От она, уже как символ на встречах с Джи  :P



Такая же сталкерша, как наша, но тактичная :P



Эта как-то по приятней, чем наша ))



Back in January I didn't know if I'd even be coming to this event as guests didnt really appeal to me, no one that really jumped out as someone I'd like to meet. Then in February with the Big Guest Announcement and how that turned out to be BY far the biggest Guest that could be revealed was just phenomenal on so many levels - in fact as I said to a Friend of mine yesterday "If you'd have told me last year that Gillian Anderson would be signing X-Files, I'd have laughed in your face."

Its no secret that I have kept an almost contant eye on this forum since February hoping that we wouldnt see "Guest cancellation Gillian Anderson" I know at one point she was scheduled to star in "I'll follow you down" and I thought "Oh crap!" this may be that this wont happen with Gillian now until I was assured that her schedule wouldn't affect her appearance here.

So for near enough five agonising months yesterday came, and I cannot say I was surprised with the massive turn out, when my Friends and I had got there there was a modest amount of people (as we came by car I came in full Mulder cosplay) at one point Jason appointed me crowd control duty (I do work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation you know) which meant saying "You line by this bin here." in the time we were waiting to get in, I saw a number of Friends and its  always nice to see familiar faces. by 8:30 everyone knew where they were going to be - come 9:02am we were more or less in.

My very first port of call, the thing that was of the utmost importance to me was getting Gillians VQT (its ironic that my lucky number is 7 as the number ticket I got was "77")  - more on that in a bit. We did a quick "Brisk walk around" to get VTs for Mitch and Adam Baldwin then I got into the Photo Shoot Queue for Gillian, when she appeared she seemed very happy to see us. When we were going in my first impressions of Gillian were "Awww she's Lovely." and when it was my turn I was greeted with that lovely beautiful smile we've become so acquainted with her arm around me. CLICK! The photo was in the can.

After that I had enough time to go to Zach Galligans table, he signed a few things for me and he remembered me from Twitter (so after that he wouldn't call me Richard but King Richard so that was very nice indeed :) afterwards got into the photoshoot queue and did a quick costume change (that is I took off the top half of my Mulder cosplay, jacket, tie, shirt as I had my Gremlins tshirt on under it, got out my Gizmo with his ickle box, saw Chloe (as she was crewing for Zach) and Zach greeted me again. There was enough time for me to ask Zach to hold one side of Gizmo (at that point he was holding his glasses so with a quick bit of improv he held the side of Gizmo - its also interesting how people saw Gizmos in the queue and would suddenly go "Awww." you just can't help but be touched by the little Mogwai :)  Once out of the Photoshoot it was a bit of reorganisation as I put back on my Mulder cosplay for the Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea talk.

The Mitch Pilleggi and Nicholas Lea talk was very much a crowd pleaser,  (before I went in I shook Jasons hand and told him just how very grateful I was for him getting Gillian Anderson), there were many kinds of questions, and I chose to ask:

"How does it feel to be reunited with Gillian Anderson?"

Mitch then went into full giggly schoolboy mode and told us how he loved hearing "Gilly" call him "Sir." LOL :) And how that he had such a crush on her.

There were other questions asked and then... It happened, for a paid talk some French guy got up and had his moment of glory when he went up to the desk and from what I saw got a Photo of him with Mitch and Nicholas - there is a time and a place for that, and its not on my or anyone elses dime! - Apart from that and a bit of a problem with Nicholas's mic it was a fab talk, I got chatting with DavidB afterwards and as we walked out of the hall I almost bumped into Mitch - yikes!

For half an hour I had time to kill and a low VQT so I desperately (as Mulder) was in pursuit of my Friends as they were coming with me to meet Gillian as well, and couldnt find them anywheres so if I seemed in a mad dash or anything to anyone I apologise as I was very concerned about where my Friends were, the line for Gillians queue was going quite quick, once inside I looked at the pics and had to choose two that I liked the most of, by this time my Friends did show up and the guy behind the desk said it would be ok if I called them in, that my stuff  would be safe so I quickly went to say "Its ok, you can come in." (They had vqts as well by the way so its not that any rules were broken).

I was asked by the Guy how many, and I said "Five please." took out the money that I had saved up for, and enough people know how I had decided how many I was going to go for. I was also very surprised that personalisations were allowed!!!!!!

Things were even better when I got to her desk and had that smile and warm greeting (part of me can't quite remember what I said but I know it was something along the lines of "Thank you for doing this." I couldnt believe that I was putting my (very special and at that point not touched by anyone else) X-Files DVD Boxset, X-Files Series Boxset, X-Files I Want To Believe and two X-Files 10x8s in front of Gillian Anderson, she was very lovely with signing the first boxset, I asked her to personalise the X-Files Series Boxset, she asked if I wanted the X-Files I Want To Believe personalised as well I of course said yes and one of the 10x8s as well. What a moment that was :)

Afterwards I came out smiling and somewhat overwhelmed, for me it was like Christmas! Got chatting to a very lovely Forum Friend who (in his words) "Thats the most expensive photo I've taken." as I got all the stuff signed by Gillian all together for an impromptu photo, afterwards it was all carefully but with haste all wrapped up in the bubble wrap that helped protect my pieces. I couldnt help but hug my Friend, needed to express my utter happiness :)

On the way to the Mitch Pileggi photoshoot a few people asked for a photo of me, thats when I brought out the other prop, a bag of Sunflower Seeds lol :)

The Mitch Pileggi shoot was quite long when I'd got to it and this snaked around quite a bit, Mitch loved what I had, the badge, the ID etc and that made it worth it.

Afterwards I had a bit of a sit down to rest my feet but I was soon on them again when I saw Catwoman ;) There was also Irene (The Domme) Adler from Sherlock cosplayer too - it turned out ironically we were sitting next to each other at the Gillian Talk.

The line for the Gillian Talk was extremely long and who'd be surprised, it was practically standing room only, and what a talk it was...

I deliberately veered away from anything X-Files and asked "Which other literary character, Dickensian or otherwise would you like to portray." there were so many people there she had to ask where I was lol. Different other questions were asked as well, things went smoothly and happy... And THATS when it happened.

The question I thought wouldn't happen, the ONE QUESTION that we had spoken about on the Gillian Anderson thread and the ONE QUESTION that will see talks like this possibly being sodding monitored and thus ruining it for those who have GENUINE questions we'd like to ask ourselves. And it was the age old, asked a number of bloody times before, and in a PAID TALK no less:

"Can I have a hug."

Like, OH MY GOD! It took everything in me to not boo the girl. Seriously, if you want a hug so badly ask Gillian before or after a PAID TALK that people have PAID to see, Gillian rightfully said no and mentioned she'd been asked before for hugs, and this Girl STILL had the mic? It wasn't taken away from her? And then came the "Please? Please? Please?" wow. just wow.

One thing I found with Gillian was her dry sense of humour, and how she was with the audience, the reference to the amount of dead bodies in the series run was very much a crowd pleaser and you could see she loved poking fun at it. I enjoyed seeing this talk and Gillian wowed us all.

Afterwards, there was a dash to meet Ke Huy (I asked him what line he preferred from Temple Of Doom) Quan, then Martin (YES SENSEI!!!) Kove who gave my Karate Kid Boxset more than I I paid for lol., "NO MERCY/SWEEP THE LEG" lol.

Nicholas Lea, Mitch Pileggi and Adam Baldwin were all lovely, for some reason Adam was standing up and was listening to music :) He was a lovely guy as was both Nicholas and Mitch.

There were a few last minute "Hellos and Hugs Goodbyes" all of which were with Friends I've made here at SM events. Yesterdya for me was a day I'll never forget and by far the best con I've been to thanks to SM.

The countdown was really worth it. :) obviously (in my opinion) because of Gillian Anderson



Джиллиан прощается






Она, наверное, без задних ног спала после такого мероприятия, устала жутко от такого количества людей вокруг.



Переутомилась она конечно. Потом в конце августа в Торонто такое же мероприятие ждет, к тому времени, надеюсь, она отдохнет, как следует.



Сколько маркеров у нее приготовлено))







Бедный парень, разнервичался совсем ))

So I met Gillian Anderson and Mitch Pileggi on Saturday at the London Film and Comic Con. It was amazing.

I got there at about 9am, got some tickets for the autograph queues (I saw Mitch and nearly cried) and wandered around for a few hours waiting for my numbers to come up. I did some impulse buying and got an old magazine with an X Files cover, a Gillian Anderson poster print thing (with David on it as well,) some season 9 trading cards and a Scully badge (who can resist a Scully badge?) Then I queued for Gillian Anderson’s autograph (I was #699, and I queued up with the #1-450 queue because I thought it was worth a shot, and I got in.) So I got to the front of the line and suddenly lost the ability to speak, breathe, basically function, so I got my photo to sign and walked over to Gillian, and what a kind amazing person, she looked at me, at which point I just grinned because I still couldn’t speak and said “Hello,” when I didn’t reply she took the poster thing I bought off me and wrote “Hello Francis :) Gillian Anderson” then said “Hellooooooooooooooo Francis smiley face…” I just giggled and then left to sit down. ARGH. So then I went to Mitch’s queue (and since I was the first one there they ignored the ticket number and let me to the front, and he was late back from a talk -) when he came back about 45 minutes after I started to wait for him he signed my X Files magazine and my IWTB DVD (he did the DVD for free,) and gave me an extra photo of him and his pen and shook my hand. SO EXCITING. Then I went and had a photo done with Gillian (may I just say the way they organised the handing out of the photos at the end of they day was awful,) I walked in and the panic attack started again and I nearly collapsed, I couldn’t breathe, she said “are you okay?” I said “just a bit nervous” and she pulled me towards her for the photo and ARGGH I had my hand around GILLIAN ANDERSON. They moved the queue along quite fast and I was walking off I regained my ability to speak and said “I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH,” she said “awww thank-you” and smiled. I LOVE HER. To finish the day off I went to Gillian’s talk and she couldn’t hear most of the questions and answered a question about an autobiography with the basic ‘I’d do a third film but somebody needs to write the script’ response, and then 3 people asked the same question about theatre and she said she’d love to do some in New York and she told us her favourite episode is Bad Blood and the opening scene is her favourite in the whole series and she joked about some fans that were there stalking her, and when David threw rice at her and she thought they were maggots and then she talked about Stella Gibson and the new BBC series and she said there is talk of doing it again, more than one series of the FALL!????? It was literally the best day of my life and Gillian is SO beautiful and funny and kind and so is Mitch, I can’t believe I got free stuff from Skinner, free stuff is basically a gift, so MITCH PILEGGI gave me gifts!











Как же мне нравится как она жвачку жует  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_cupidgirl.gif   :P



http://s010.radikal.ru/i313/1207/3a/9547b27f0e1dt.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i412/1207/34/443029f1dabbt.jpg http://i065.radikal.ru/1207/33/34d0be61aef9t.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i419/1207/1d/5e3573248a0dt.jpg http://i035.radikal.ru/1207/a6/dff1bdabcc95t.jpg http://s004.radikal.ru/i207/1207/57/01b3d61764b8t.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i622/1207/75/055b4e0ccd3ct.jpg http://i063.radikal.ru/1207/ae/11766f9093b4t.jpg http://s019.radikal.ru/i643/1207/0f/f2995231854ft.jpg http://s58.radikal.ru/i160/1207/dc/4e2b1064ccadt.jpg



http://i074.radikal.ru/1207/9f/c60b18e96d4bt.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i406/1207/c2/14d3f57c4d71t.jpg



Волосы красиво лицо обрамляют.



А глаза? Это ведь что-то невероятное, у нее взгляд то женщины вамп, то соблазнительницы, то строгий, пронзающий насквозь, а то совершенно озорного ребенка, потрясающе.



Глаза ее фишка, как никто умеет владеть взглядом.



Это что-то невообразимое. нельзя быть такой красивой. Платьюшко это обожаю и волосы когда у нее такие вот, образ напоминает ее в Дубровнике, помните? Вот такая вот теплая ненапряжная и ооооооооооооочень красивая! С ума сойти!



Точно, она тут похожа, когда в Дубровниках была






http://s47.radikal.ru/i115/1207/91/f60fa5329f97t.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i424/1207/6f/57391de26bd6t.jpg http://s017.radikal.ru/i429/1207/06/6d27ebbdd0bdt.jpg http://s018.radikal.ru/i504/1207/dd/b15b2362e56ft.jpg http://s44.radikal.ru/i104/1207/46/b2e835756369t.jpg http://i072.radikal.ru/1207/cb/537d3af67658t.jpg http://s018.radikal.ru/i526/1207/dc/df3f57d67d56t.jpg http://s50.radikal.ru/i127/1207/59/d067c7c1eb7at.jpg http://s008.radikal.ru/i304/1207/a9/6222db1d4688t.jpg http://s56.radikal.ru/i153/1207/4c/af39163dda30t.jpg



http://s017.radikal.ru/i433/1207/d5/3e67b794a4cat.jpg http://s018.radikal.ru/i520/1207/c4/5eea1262ac4ct.jpg



Что-то от русских фанов никакого отчета не видно ((





Ещё отчёт: http://followmekaitmaree.blogspot.fr/20 … ughts.html



Хороший отчет, позитивный и адекватный.

he said that she didn't think we'd all come for Gillian, that we'd come for Scully.

Пришли больше как к Скалли, чем к актрисе... Такое ощущение, что больше половины было зевак, которые пришли поглазеть.

I tried to speak to a few people in the line but they were quite rude -

Не в первый раз читаю про грубость тамошних фанов, странные какие-то. Вместо того, чтобы обосцываца от радости кого-то начинает переть от злости  http://s13.radikal.ru/i186/1109/ce/3ef8b63f68ca.gif


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