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И мама у Филиатер очень приятная женщина.



Очень приятное фото.



Джиллиан красавица и большая умница, а мама действительно приятная женщина, хорошее фото получилось. Надеюсь, Филиатер подробнее расскажет о визите.



NBC Midseason Drama Series ‘Crisis’ Stops Production For “Course Correction”
By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Sunday November 3, 2013 @ 6:23pm PST

EXCLUSIVE: Upcoming NBC drama series Crisis has gone on an unplanned hiatus. The eight-day (one episode cycle) break started on Friday night after production was wrapped on the fifth episode after the pilot. Insiders describe the reasons for the stoppage as “course correction,” with writers using the time to tweak storylines and work on scripts. There also will be some reshoots done on completed episodes. Along with the pilot for The Blacklist, Crisis, a hostage/political thriller drama starring Gillian Anderson and Dermot Mulroney, tested through the roof in the spring, with the two considered NBC’s strongest drama pilots of last season. There has been concern recently that subsequent episodes were veering from the direction (and promise) of the pilot, which led to the decision to take a break and try to fix that. Additionally, I hear Crisis producer 20th TV is in the process of bringing in senior level writers to support creator Rand Ravich who tends to work with smaller writing staffs, something that proved hard for a complex, serialized drama with multiple storylines like Crisis. Unlike fall series, midseason ones are not on a tight delivery schedule, which has allowed a number of elaborate drama productions to take a temporary shutdown for extra work on storylines and scripts. 20th TV previously did it with Fox’s 24 in the fall of 2008 and on NBC’s Awake two years ago.

Как я поняла в съемках сделали перерыв на 8 дней, чтобы дать возможность сценаристам подумать в правильном ли русле они движутся, не надо ли что-то поменять.



8 дней это не страшно. Что у них там за творческий кризис, интересно. Видимо какая-то новая идея появилась, грандиозная, раз они даже какие-то сцена из снятых серий переснимать собрались.



В принципе это рискованно, но очень круто на самом деле, вот так взять и пересмотреть какие-то моменты, молодцы.



Tiffany Vogt ‏@TVWatchtower 10m
@HugMySoul @mrush353 - Now hearing #Crisis premiere date moved to after Winter Olympics. NBC wants give series better shot at success.

Правильное решение, со всей это олимпийской балалайкой нет смысла начинать показ в январе.



Это верно.



Жаль, конечно, что премьера откладывается, но решение верное. Я думаю Олимпиада займет все умы, с таким-то размахом.



Crisis - New Promo - Who Is in Control?
http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/11/crisis … ntrol.html



Красотка  :love:



Вообще классная  :love:  :love:









Очень красивая и яркая, сразу виден характер.



Очень и очень!!
Скорее бы уже сериал вышел!









NBC 'Crisis' Films Fall Scene in Lincoln Park Despite Snow, Cold
http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20140108 … -snow-cold
Погода съемкам не помеха.



"Crisis" Premiere Date



Совсем скоро.






Press tour date for Crisis-Sunday January 19th-
2:15-2:45 p.m.
Gillian Anderson, Star
Dermot Mulroney, Star
Rachael Taylor, Star
Lance Gross, Star
Rand Ravich, Executive producer
Far Shariat, Executive producer
http://www.nbcumv.com/mediavillage/netw … anuary2014



http://i33.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0119/89/7194924a5554e0464fe6b88900513b89.jpeg http://i59.fastpic.ru/thumb/2014/0119/4a/6593a8124c50512adadf876518027c4a.jpeg



Хорошенькая, прелесть просто!  :love:  :love:









Jarett Wieselman ‏@JarettSays 4m
#Crisis panel starting -- expecting a lot of #Hostages questions. #TCA14

Todd VanDerWerff ‏@tvoti 4m
Up now is #Crisis, which is like a less stupid #Hostages. But still kinda stupid. #TCA14

Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch 4m
Up next is #Crisis, with Gillian Anderson and Derbel McDillet. #TCA14

Todd VanDerWerff ‏@tvoti 3m
Sadly, #Crisis is not just Garrett from Community running around on screen yelling, "CRISIS ALERT!" for an hour. #TCA14

Gwen Reyes ‏@ReelVixen 2m
#Crisis feels similar to #Hostages, but raises stakes w/ kidnapped children of dignitaries. Stars Gillian Anderson & Dermot Mulroney #TCA14

Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman 2m
Interesting that the #Crisis promo we saw doesn't reveal any of the twists of the pilot. Guessing it's because it'll go wide soon. #TCA14

Claire Gendel ‏@Clairetastic 3m
Gillian Anderson looks absolutely amazing!! Just gorgeous. #Crisis #TCA14

Alyssa Rosenberg ‏@AlyssaRosenberg 3m
The pilot for #Crisis is so generic that I literally forgot that I had watched it. #TCA14

KSiteTV ‏@KSiteTV 2m
Seeing Gillian Anderson on the #Crisis reel makes me wish FOX would do a new limited X-Files season like they are doing with 24. #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 3m
EP Rand Ravich says they modeled the school more on a certain type of prep schools than a particular, individual one. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Jim Colucci ‏@jimcolucci 2m
#Crisis set in DC -- but pilot shot in LA, and 13-episode series in Chicago. #TCA14 #NBC

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 2m
Ravich says there is a climactic, satisfying conclusion to season one of #Crisis that would leave a "5% seed" for a potential S2 #NBC #TCA14

Jarett Wieselman ‏@JarettSays 3m
#Crisis has a closed-ended S1 story but with a story thread that makes a S2 possible #TCA14

Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch 3m
#Crisis EP Rand Ravich says the show does have a “hard” ending this season. ##TCA14

Gwen Reyes ‏@ReelVixen 3m
Producers for #Crisis promise not only with the 13-ep series have a satisfying ending, each episode will as well #TCA14

TV Guide ‏@TVGuide 3m
#Crisis EP says they have an ending for every episode and an ending for the completion of Season 1 #TCA14 #NBC

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 3m
Ravich says he has a high schooler so he does try to be sensitive but as a writer he wants to tap into deepest fears & hopes. #Crisis #TCA14

Jim Colucci ‏@jimcolucci 3m
#Crisis EP Rand Ravich says writing season 1 ending now; will be closed, satisfying ending w a story thread making S2 possible #TCA14 #NBC

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 3m
#Crisis has a 13 ep order. There is an ending at the end of the order. Ravich writes abt what he hopes, desires & fears. #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 3m
"When you're a writer you go to that well: what do you hope for? What do you fear?" Ravich #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Jason Nathanson ‏@ABCNewsJason 2m
Panel for #Crisis starting now - I liked the pilot a lot. Not groundbreaking, but highly enjoyable #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 3m
Ravich: teens come from highly compressed, structured world. They're left on their own here & we see who they truly are. #Crisis #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 3m
"The teenagers aren't just the Macguffin," Ravich says of show balance. "We will see them stripped of all they know." #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

TV Guide ‏@TVGuide 2m
#Crisis EP: The teenagers aren't just the bait. After they're taken hostage, we get to see who they really are in that bubble #TCA14 #NBC

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 2m
"I'm not acquainted with him, believe it or not," Dermot Mulroney says of Dylan McDerott and their similarities. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Roger Catlin ‏@rcatlin 2m
Dermot Mulroney stars in President-threatening "Crisis"; Dylan McDermott starred in President-threatening "Hostages." More confusion #TCA14

Crisis ‏@NBCCrisis 2m
The machine of the season is, "What will you do for your child." #Crisis #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
Gillian Anderson is a very powerful CEO. Rachael Taylor is her on-screen estranged sister, FBI agent. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 2m
"The explosion of this event brings their dysfunctional relationship [together]," Anderson. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
"I am still a big believer in the power of the one-hour drama," Rachael Taylor, formerly of #666ParkAve #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
"She's a very fractured young lady," Taylor says of her #Crisis role. #NBC #TCA14

Jim Colucci ‏@jimcolucci 2m
Critic asks #Crisis' Dermot Mulroney if he compared notes w similar show #Hostages' Dylan McDermott. Audience laughed, but he did not #TCA14

TVGuideHanh ‏@TVGuideHanh 1m
"I'm a big believer in the power of the 1-hour drama," -- Rachael Taylor on joining #Crisis #TCA14

Crisis ‏@NBCCrisis 58s
.@giliananderson says she couldn't put the pilot down. "I couldn't stop thinking about it." #Crisis #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 44s
Gillian Anderson: I couldn't stop thinking about this project. Started a convo w/Rand & Far. I wanted to work in U.S. again. #Crisis #TCA14

TODAY Entertainment ‏@TODAYEnt 1m
'X Files' Gillian Anderson joined NBC's new #Crisis because "she couldn't put the pilot down" and couldn't stop thinking about it. #TCA14

Claire Gendel ‏@Clairetastic 1m
"It was a mixture of really good writing and a good cast coming together," Gillian Anderson on taking the role #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Kate O'Hare ‏@TMSKate 1m
Happy to have Gillian Anderson back in American TV -- and she looks fabulous. #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 3m
Gillian Anderson plays the head of an I.T. conglomerate. Her sibling works for FBI #Crisis brings the dysfunctional relationship to the fore

Will Harris ‏@NonStopPop 6m
Time for NBC's "Crisis" panel, starring Dermot Mulroney and - be still my heart - the always gorgeous Gillian Anderson. #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 1m
Ravich: you want both sides to look smart but both sides can't win every week. Good & bad guys have wins. #Crisis #TCA14

Gwen Reyes ‏@ReelVixen 1m
#Crisis asks the question each week "what would a parent do for his child?" #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 23s
"He's doing it to pull his family back together & you'll learn later that he has even grander goals to accomplish," Mulroney #Crisis #TCA14

TV Guide ‏@TVGuide 40s
"This character is one of the most intriguing that I've ever played," Dermot Mulroney says of #Crisis. #TCA14 #NBC

Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch 25s
#Crisis S1 spans three weeks, says EP. #TCA14

TV Guide Magazine ‏@TVGuideMagazine 29s
#dermotmulroney teases fun story twist involving his character and daughter on #Crisis #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 50s
Ravich says #Crisis, technologically speaking is not falling into the sci-fi category, but they are pushing what gov can & will do. #TCA14

Erin Biglow ‏@ErinBiglow 35s
#Crisis EP Rand Ravich isn't pleased with the insinuation that #Crisis is sloppy seconds to Dylan McDermott's failed #Hostages. #TCA14

TV Guide ‏@TVGuide 42s
Dermont Mulroney says he was open to comedy and drama projects, but the quality of the script was the most important #Crisis #TCA14 #NBC

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 46s
#Crisis stays pretty close to chronology in early part of first season, then expands a little in middle. 13 eps = 3 weeks. #NBC #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 39s
Ravich: we're writing final 2 eps and shooting ep 10 right now. #Crisis #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 1m
Ravich: when you have freedom to tell open-ended story over 13 eps, must stay within rules of drama & episodic structure. #Crisis #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 40s
Ravich says a disadvantage of working in TV is that you don't get to watch TV so he has never seen an ep of #Hostages. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Philiana ‏@insidethetube 52s
"It is flying blind." - EP Ravich on knowing ending of #Crisis before seeing viewer reax (I believe it's a plus to be aware of reax.) #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 35s
Ravich notes that he has been working on #Crisis for a year, so it's all about HIS characters, not comparing/changing bc of #Hostages #TCA14

Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch 1m
#Crisis EP Rand Ravich says he has never seen an episode of #Hostages. Like many in America. #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 41s
Rachael Taylor did speak to an female FBI agent who talked abt difficulties women have ascending in the agency. #Crisis #tca14

Daniel Fienberg ‏@HitFixDaniel 1m
Rand Ravich keeps saying "Crisis" will have a "hard," "satisfying" ending. That's what he said. #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 50s
Pro tip: Heat packs on the kidneys! Taylor says that's how you stay warm while shooting in cold Chicago. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 46s
Ravich says key to #Crisis is these are exceptional individuals at top of their game but they love their children deeply. #NBC #TCA14

Erin Biglow ‏@ErinBiglow 24s
As for concerns #Crisis will make like #TheKilling and leave loose ends, Ravich assures reporters, "This will end with an ending." #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 2m
Lance Gross plays a secret service agent "protector" who teams up with the FBI to get these kids back. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman 1m
"FAIRLY good reviews?!" Gillian Anderson jokes when a reporter mentions the aforementioned reviews for #TheFall. #TCA14 #crisis (LMAO, you go GA.  )

Eric Goldman ‏@EricIGN 1m
Gillian Anderson talking about The Fall right now is my latest "Sigh, I need to see that" reminder of #TCA14.

Gwen Reyes ‏@ReelVixen 1m
Gillian Anderson is talking about #TheFall and I just felt so many emotions. I love that show so much, and I hate that show so much #TCA14

Jarett Wieselman ‏@JarettSays 2m
First #TheFall mention for Gillian Anderson (11 days to film 1 episode). I am SO ready for Season 2 of that!

Crisis ‏@NBCCrisis 1m
"There is no breath in this show (#Crisis). It is action packed throughout the entire series." - @GillianA #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
Ravich says twists are something you want in order to keep things fresh. But you have to be invested in characters, too. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Marisa Roffman ‏@marisaroffman 1m
"Twists are crucial -- it's one of our biggest challenges every week," #Crisis EP Far Shariat says. #TCA14

Gwen Reyes ‏@ReelVixen 1m
RT @tvdotcom: #TheFall takes 10-11 days to shoot an episode. #Crisis shoots in 8. Gillian says it's very exciting. #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 2m
Anderson notes that on #TheFall she is one of two leads while on #Crisis it's an ensemble, so it requires different commitment. #NBC #TCA14

Diane Gordon ‏@thesurfreport 2m
Anderson will continue in #TheFall. #Crisis is far more fast-paced and "that's what it needs to be" she says. #TCA14

Jason Lynch ‏@jasonlynch 1m
Gillian Anderson says it’s very weird being on the #Crisis set and being one of the few actors not wearing an FBI jacket. #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
"It's very weird being on set and everybody else is wearing FBI jackets and I don't have mine," Anderson. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Danielle Turchiano ‏@danielletbd 1m
"What would that person do? I didn't see that coming. You can go much deeper," Ravich says of character pieces. #Crisis #NBC #TCA14

Michael Schneider ‏@franklinavenue 1m
Gillian Anderson isn't an FBI agent on #Crisis. "It's weird being on set and everyone else has their FBI jacket on and I don't have mine."

Panel is over.



Мне нравится платье, цвет, длинна, я вообще считаю, что Джиллиан короткое надо носить чаще, у нее потрясающие ножки. Она прекрасна, люблю, когда она улыбается. С нетерпением жду этого проекта  :love:  :love:



:love:  :love: