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Emerald City Comicon 01.03.13_02.03.13

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Раз очередь уже занимают, значит можно создавать тему ))



Ashley Billig ‏@AshleyBillig
@GillianA is wearing the same outfit as this photo! #ECCC omg omg omg heart attack coming soon pic.twitter.com/WJ5sVyr4y4




omg!!! she's so cute and tiny and i just want to take her home!!! sucks that you're not allowed to take photos at the celebrity area. looks like she just came straight from the airport! her suitcase was right beside her

yes!!! thank you  i mean, years and years later, finally! i'm so thrilled that i finally met her. she did appreciate that i travalled half way accross the world to see her and she super loved the gift that i gave her. thank you again for the con tips <3



Carina ‏@NeverAgain329
Picture with Gillian Anderson? CHECK!! #eccc #emeraldcitycomiccon #gilliananderson #scully #xfiles…

Kristin Davies ‏@HostileActing
Also, Gillian Anderson is super adorable!! #ECCC13

Она просто потрясающе выглядит!



Loralee Gentry ‏@LoraleeStarla
Omfg I just met @GillianA and she was so incredibly lovely and kind and beautiful! OMG!



Безудержная людская радость поперла )) Джи супер выглядит!



Ага, на твиттере несколько сообщений о том, что люди просто таки уверены, что у них вот вот случится сердечный приступ ))



Прямо из аэропорта приехала! Солнушка! :love:



Да, устала наверное, интересно, сколько там лететь. Надо будет погуглить.




Отредактировано Сантильяна (2013-03-02 03:50:15)



Масеньяка Джиллиан и боооольшааааая фанатка  :P  Джиллиан просто куколка!






Красавица! Как я поняла "панель" будет завтра, начало всего мероприятия в 10 утра, то есть ближе к ночи по Москве. Ждем ))



http://loraleestarla.tumblr.com/post/44 … n-anderson

http://everdeer.tumblr.com/post/4434824 … ve-for-now




Вот эта из них самая классная:

Ничего не поняла про шутку, расскажите?



Какая фота клевая  :love:



http://i53.fastpic.ru/thumb/2013/0302/54/78a5519d4a4663baa84634f5f94b4754.jpeg http://i52.fastpic.ru/thumb/2013/0302/b9/ee1f4d0fd2717ef434a51a26722987b9.jpeg



Какие же они все... гхмм... гхммм... крупные ))






Надпись на футболке зачотная ))

tailin написал(а):

Какие же они все... гхмм... гхммм... крупные ))

Агась, хорошие люди наверно  :D



Такая куколка, сидит и пишет, я бы с ума сошла, если бы она в 10 метрах от меня вот так вот находилась...

Marina_S написал(а):

Агась, хорошие люди наверно

Буагага  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0619.gif



:love:  :love:



Я бы на месте этой девчонки уже бы рухнула на пол )))



This is the photo I had her sign and the story behind the three different colors is adorable. She started in silver and then said “…Are you liking how that’s looking?” I said it was fine and then she asked me if I wanted her to change colors and I told her to surprise me. Then she went to red and said “nice to meet you” then she signed her name in blue. Then she said “it’s almost like red white and blue, right?” And just BAJBDIDBDIABSYVEJDJSIABISDEODBSODBUSBEIDDIS.
And I told her she was amazing in Straightheads and she was like “oh! Not many people know about that movie” it was all so brilliant. And she was super impressed by my Scully shirt and asked me where I got it because she wanted one so I wrote down the website and it was all just so wonderful!!! BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!

This is really crappy quality because I had to take a picture of a picture with my phone, so ignore it. But she was SO nice and amazing and just, NO WORDS. We were first in line and we waited for three hours so they let us in before the VIP because if our dedication and it was WONDERFUL. She was adorable an so tiny and SO NICE. And I GOT MY HUG IT WAS SO WONDERFUL I WILL FOREVER CRY ABOUT IT. BEST DAY IF MY LIFE!

Fan talking about the experience. GA walked to the wrong place and said her favorite word, so like her! lol.

Amber Nixon ‏@nixona1031
@GillianA Amazing moment! Had an opportunity to meet Gillian A. and all I said was "Oh! Oooooh!" Near speechless. pic.twitter.com/qFPsuVCvpI

Amber Nixon ‏@nixona1031
@GillianA Thank u for being in a photo with me at the Seattle Comicon! It was a blast meeting u on Fri. Remember me? "Oh! Ooooooh!"




Круто как они рассказывают! Я им завидую белой завистью, молодцы они все и главная умничка Джиллиан, такой подарок фанатам!



Как им всем повезло увидеть Джилл, здорово очень  :love:



She didn't know what fanfic was and said she will go home and google her own name and slash, as the girl asked.  That was pretty hilarious.

She talked at length about playing Miss Havisham, and how the scene of Pip, Joe, and Miss Havisham signing Pip's apprenticeship contract moved her to tears.

She was asked if she ever kept any of Scully's suits, she says "hell no"  but she did keep a few coats. Then she said she kept Scully's headstone and if anyone wants to buy it the starting bid will be $100,000.

One of the last few guys that went up said he loves her but she also reminds him of her daughter so there is a conflict, lol. So he says it's kind a platonic love. He kept taking picture of GA, at the end GA said, "take those to your daughter." lol

The very last guy talked about how XF changed his life and helped him through tough times and he admitted to be high (it's legal in Seattle), but not before GA mimed the motion of smoking a joint. haha.

GA doesn't seem to remember anything from Any Human Heart. Somewhere Julian Fellows is shaking his head again? lol

GA did say Stella is cooler than Scully, but Scully is still pretty cool.

She also talked about filming in Belfast a little bit, how she worked in Belfast before (referring to The Mighty Celt) and how she was shooting in Dublin pretending to be Belfast (Shadow Dancer).

As in other cons, she seemed quite intrigued by some of the costumes. One guy showed up in a dinosaur costume, GA asked him, "Are you a pee in the pod?" and said her four-year-old has the same costume, and she called him "Dino", to which he said, "you can call me whatever you want."

Someone asked her if DD is just like Hank Moody and if she will ever be on Californication. She said "the answer is 'yes' and 'no' to those questions but not necessarily in that order"




Скачать панель можно по ссылке: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qwts59
Весит много, почти 250 мб.



One of the first few questions were about her relationship with DD and what is reported vs. what people want vs. what's actually true. She seemed pretty amused by it all and said, "yeah, what's up with that?!" probably thinking of all these silly rumors. She said during the show it was good and bad and it was kinda like a forced marriage as DD once described. The fact they probably saw more of each other than anyone else was kinda sad. But they are friends now.

Someone asked about Tristram Shandy, and she said she did it b/c she wanted to work with Michael Winterbottom and the rest of the cast. And the actual casting process is nothing like depicted, b/c lots of lawyers are involved.

Some asked about her playing crazy characters like Mrs. Castaway and Miss Havisham and if she ever brings them home, those emotions/feelings, she says no and she is able to keep them separate from herself and she chose those roles b/c they were interesting and unique (I'm paraphrasing). She said she did get offered a contemporary crazy role but she wasn't able to do it (Helen? maybe?). But in general she's more wary about taking on roles like that.

About the play, she was asked if she is going to do a play in NY. She said she maybe in the process of something (she was pretty vague about it) but it will probably be in London first then it might move to NY.

Guy said he bought a Nissan leaf partially because he saw GA's video on youtube by accident and asked GA about recycling and protecting environment and such. GA says she drives a Land Rover because a Nissan Leaf can't fit "7 people in a car", and where she lives in London only allows one car, but she takes buses and trains to compensate. And she talked about this London compote service thing.

She couldn't really say what she loves most about acting. She says no one has asked her that question before and she needs to think of a good answer. lol. She did say partly because "that's the only thing I can do."

She said Vince Gilligan looks nothing like what you might imagine and that he has a Southern accent.

Last time she met CC, he was working on XF3, whatever that really means.

Oh, and a bunch of people got choked up/speechless at the mic, a bunch told her they loved her, and a bunch told her she is beautiful




Oh and GA still talking about doing a second season for "The Fall". That makes me happy and makes me want to slap BBC Two around.

And she said she bought studio Ghibli memorabilia for Piper as Christmas gifts in recent years. And that the original Japanese voice for the Wolf Goddess from Princess Mononoke was done by a transvestite actor. She did a little plug for Once Up On Poppy Hills.

The accent thing, she explained again the whole growing up in London, learning it as a first language. He had consciously tried to sound American in London, but just ends up sounding like trans-Atlantic Eurotrash.

And one of the most curious bit for me, she said for Mrs. Castaway, to make her look like what she did they didn't use much make up, it was just a lot of her without makeup, and that was the trick. (really?! GA? really?! lol) And that the wig probably helped.



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