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San Diego Comic-Con_18-21 июля 2013

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Gillian Anderson ‏@GillianA 32m
#ComicCon - Double D & I will be at Lightspeed booth 3745 from 12-2pm on Thurs...

Gillian Anderson ‏@GillianA 32m
& I will be there signing autographs & photo ops Thurs to Sun.-GA. For advanced tickets: sales@lightspeedfineart.com #ComicCon

Осталось всего пару дней до этого замечательного события, поэтому решила создать тему, как мы знаем, будет там не только Джиллиан, поэтому фотографий и событий нас ждет много и, надеюсь, приятных.



Скорей бы скорей ))



tailin написал(а):

Double D & I




Как переводится Double?



Двойной. Дэвида многие называют "двойной Д" - DD.



Прикольно- двойной Дэвид  :P  Спасибо.



Если начало у них будет в 12 дня, то по Москве это в 11 вечера, когда там уже завтра  :crazyfun:



А у меня в 6 утра пятницы, не попадаю я по ходу дела на работу, ну никак, аха  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0603.gif



На пятницу нам надо всем выходной брать  :P



До 23 числа включительно  :longtongue:



Только за )))






Lightspeed Fine Art ‏@LSFineArt 1m
Gillian Anderson signing now at booth 3745!!! #sdcc






Че то никакой движухи особенно не заметно.






Классная  :love:



Где там еще один главный гость интересно.



От они  :crazyfun:



Пока подписывают

Julie Macdonald ‏@MacMonkey 1 мин

@mrs_moog Gillian Anderson AND David Duchovny are doing a joint signing.




wess ‏@wessdread 3m
I just touched Gillian Anderson #sdcc



Уже на фотосессию пошли.

Ricky Brigante, Host ‏@InsideTheMagic 2 мин
Just met and got my photo with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson! Awesome.



Я по-моему попала в какой-то параллельный мир, где исполняются все мои желания  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0603.gif 
Какая же они красивая и гармоничная пара, просто совершенство  :love:  :love:  В первый раз вижу у Джиллиан черный лак.




Привет девочки! Идите обниматься будем! Как-никак годовщина!  :longtongue:  :love:









Tanya написал(а):

Идите обниматься будем! Как-никак годовщина!

http://s11.radikal.ru/i184/1109/68/daaae5d7d43e.gif  Я бегу!!!

Божемой! Вот за эти фото, где они только вдвоем и такие счастливые я готова сделать все, что угодно!  :crazyfun:






Здесь можно следить за "панелью" он-лайн!

4.31pmThat's a wrap on this panel and today at Comic-Con. Thanks so much for joining me - I'll be back tomorrow for Veronica Mars, Kick-Ass 2, Game of Thrones, Amazing Spider-Man and more. Until then!

4.30pmAnderson is now auctioning off the cardboard cutout on stage. She's bullying people to part with their cash.

4.29pmX-Files 3, when? Carter: "You need a reason to get excited about doing it again, but coming here today and seeing all these people..." I think that's all we're getting.

4.28pmWill they ever work together again not as Mulder and Scully? Anderson: "Apparently not." Duchovny: "I've always thought there was something not sacred but special about Mulder and Scully. It would have to be something special to cross the line of those characters."

4.26pmGirl confronts Anderson about her statement that she would never do TV again but then she came back for The Fall. "It was mostly just because of the time commitment. When the series ended, I didn't know if I wanted to be on another set again period, just after exhaustion. But after enough time passed and saying no for such a long time to so many things, it was just about timing. When The Fall came across my desk, it was exactly the type of material I like. I feel very strongly about that piece. Then NBC offered me a short arc on Hannibal and I said to them from the beginning I wouldn't do any more than that, but then the character grew on me."

4.24pmWhat inspired Jose Chung's From Outer Space? D.Morgan: "The original idea for the episode, which I had before the show started, was the idea of two kids being abducted by aliens, and then a third alien comes down and abducts them all. Jim Wong told me 'never pitch that idea' but then he left the show the next season."

4.22pmWhich episode creeped them out the most? D. Morgan: "Beyond The Sea. Just kiddin." Carter: "I think seeing Darin in that toilet was pretty creepy."

4.21pmQuestion from a girl who was inspired by Scully to do a Physics Phd. Anderson: "A lot of women have come up to me and told me they went into Physics because of Scully." Duchovny: "Men often come up to me and say they got into Scully because of me."

4.18pmBetter to shoot in Vancouver or LA? Duchovny: "We grew up as a show in Vancouver, it all came together there, so nostalgically for me, that will always be The X-Files's home. The energy of beginnings and getting to know all these people, it was all one piece." Anderson: "I think I have to agree. In both places we created families, both of them were equally strong and very different."

4.16pmQuestion about the show's influence on the genre. Carter: "People credit us with making popular this mythology formula, that you could have a show that had a serialised quality. There was a show called Wiseguy that was serialised long before us. But I think that we showed that you could actually have a spine to the show, which was an ongoing storyline, that people would come back to week after week."

4.15pmWhy was there a spiritual/religious aspect to Scully's character? Carter: "She was a scientist, but that made her character slightly one-dimensional. If she had a religious upbringing, it was always tearing at her that she had this side of her that was irrational."

4.14pmCarter: "Scully was kind of my fantasy woman. She's strong and smart and opinionated, resourceful and tough."

4.13pmHow important do they think having a strong female lead was for the entire genre? Anderson: "In terms of the feedback I've gotten from women the last couple of decades, Scully had quite a huge impact on people. There are aspects of her personality, her personal strength... she was also a decent human being."

4.12pmWas there a moment where they thought the two characters were in love? Carter: "I think it's when you first walked into his office in the basement."

4.11pmWas there a monster of the week that never made it to air? Gilligan: "I asked Drew Barrymore to be in the show. I was going to do this character where she had the amazing godlike power over people, children in the cornfield. But it never happened."

4.10pmWas there a scene that Anderson was unable to shoot? And a request for dialogue. Anderson: "Are there kids in the audience?"

4.09pmAudience Q&A. If Mulder and Scully went on a date, what would they do? Anderson: "Have sex." Duchovny: "Then maybe dinner?"

4.07pmCarter: "The peacock brothers, but actually I'm just going to take the opportunity to give a nod to John Neville, who played the well-manicured man. He died in the last couple years and he was an amazing asset to the show."

4.07pmAnderson: "I was also gonna say Tooms, but then the oil guy. Who was he? The big guy?" Carter: "Did you watch the show?"

4.06pmG.Morgan: "Eugene Victor Tooms." Applause.

4.03pmKrycek comes up. Gordon: "He was mostly someone to fill space in Gillian's maternity leave. He was a stop-gap who grew into this wonderful character who lost so much, including his arm."

4.02pmGilligan: "I did an episode with Bryan Cranston at the beginning of season six, 'Drive'. Meeting him and working with him was fruitful for me personally."

4.00pmFave baddie? Gilligan: "Gosh, so many. He's not a bad guy at all really, but the wonderful character played by Peter Boyle, Clyde Bruckman. He was not the bad guy but the engine of the story."

3.59pmFave Mulder-Scully moments. Duchovny: "I like the one from Post-Modern Prometheus when we got up to dance. It had a great feeling to it." Anderson: "Someone recently told me about the conversation on the rock. I don't actually remember it." Duchovny: "I think it's where I said I wish I was born with one leg." Anderson: "Okay."

3.58pmAnderson checks an imaginary watch. This anecdote now involves otters from Sea World.

3.54pmAre they tired of talking about 'Home'? Morgan gives a very long recollection about how he came up with the idea of the episode, including reference to a film involving brotherly incest and Charlie Chaplin's autobiography.

3.53pmAny regrets killing The Lone Gunmen? Shiban: "They're great characters. When it came the time that the spinoff series was not picked up, that's when the discussions started. We wanted to give them closure. Their death came up and some of us were for it, some were against it. It was an honourable death."

3.52pmWould we see Doggett and Rayes again on the big screen? Carter: "I think that's a trick question."

3.51pmThe season ten comic book just came out - how canon is it? Carter: "It's a comic book series, so the stories are more comic booky. We wanted to make it true to the characters. They're good on their own. They're called season ten."

3.49pmShiban's son played Scully's baby in season eight. "He's here today actually!" Anderson: "He looks like me."

3.48pmHow would the show look in 2013? Carter: "Not all that different. The show is very dark by design. The technology has changed and that would affect some things, but I think what we did is what we'd do now."

3.47pm24 is coming back for a limited TV run, would they want to do that? Anderson: "No. But a film would be great."

3.47pmWhy do they want to keep doing it? Duchovny: "I always thought the show had any possibility. It was so flexible and could encompass so many ideas. We could do it forever. We will. As much as we can."

3.46pmGordon: "I did learn a tremendous amount. It was a group of people who taught each other, and figured out on the fly. I carried it with me and I think about it still."

3.45pmGilligan: "There would be no Breaking Bad without The X-Files. I started off my association with The X-Files as a fan. I love dit and when the opportunity arose for me to write for it, I felt very lucky. I learned everything I know about producing and writing for television from this job. I was lucky to be part of it."

3.44pmWill we ever get the Mulder-Scully sex scene? Anderson: "We shot it. It's somewhere." She turns to Duchovny. "I bet you've said that before."

3.43pmHow do they look back on the show 20 years later? Anderson: "I guess I didn't realise that Mulder was so cool until a few years later. Then I thought 'damn, should have gone there sooner.' Oh, am I supposed to behave myself?" Duchovny: "No, go on, please."

3.42pm"I've told this story a million times," says Carter, before explaining how Fox picked up the show.

3.41pmOf the aliens' prophecised invasion at the end of 2012, Carter: "They came and they're just... delaying their entrance."

3.41pmIt was actually just the opening sequence but with the lights still down at the end, Mulder and Scully come out on the blackened stage WITH TORCHES! Incredible cheers from the crowd.

3.40pmBefore we get Mulder and Scully, clip time.

3.39pmChris Carter comes out brandishing a camera and takes a snap of the crowd.

3.36pmThis really is a star-studded lineup of producers.

3.35pmOn the panel: producers David Amann, Vince Gilligan, Howard Gordon, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, John Shiban and Jim Wong, plus Carter, Duchovny and Anderson.

3.34pmMichael Schneider, "TV Guide Magazine Los Angeles bureau chief" (what a mouthful), is the moderator for this panel. He's slipped in a Murder, She Wrote reference already. By my count that takes The Angela Lansbury Tally for today up to three so far.

3.32pmLights down for an advert for TV Guide, which is sponsoring the panel.

3.30pmCheers as a life-size cardboard cutout of Mulder holding Scully is inexplicably wheeled out onto the stage.

3.28pmProbably another five minutes or so until they all come on stage to Catatonia's 'Road Rage'.

3.25pmSadly I think Duchovny and Anderson are the only cast members on today's panel. It would have been nice to see Mitch Pileggi (who has a recurring role on clone-show Supernatural), Nicholas Lea and of course that big naughty old fag smoker.

3.23pmI'm sure the issue of favourite episodes will come up in the panel, but you'd be hard pressed to find many better episodes of any TV show than 'Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose' from season three.

3.21pmFor me, this is one of the most exciting panels to have been scheduled at Comic-Con in the last few years. The X-Files was an immense part of my childhood and absolutely set the blueprint for pretty much every genre show you see on TV right now.

3.20pmWell, "patiently" is an assumption I suppose.

3.19pmSo here we are for the highlight of today's lineup in Ballroom 20, The X-Files reunion panel. Surprisingly a large number of people left after the last panel for Sherlock - the kids of today, eh? - which is good news for the thousands of people who have been waiting patiently outside today.





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