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2х02 The Host (Хозяин)

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Серия об одном из самых известных монстров недели. Практически торговая марка СМ, flukeworm!  Ну не зайка ли?





Tanya написал(а):

Ну не зайка ли?

А то! КрасавчеГ! Этот чувак у меня на диске с таким упоением рассказывал, как он писал в бассейн в котором Дэвиду потом пришлось барахтаться ))



Ммммм..я не уверена, что хотела это знать  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0619.gif   http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0619.gif  Наверное именно в этом бассейну Дэвиду впервые в голову пришла мысль, что ему определенно не доплачивают. ))

В этой серии очень хорошо виден животик Джиллиан  :love:



They don't want us working together, Scully ... and right now, that's the only reason I can think of to stay.

Костюм червяка одевали на бедного Моргана 6 часов, потом процесс немного ускорили,  Морган его не снимал 20 часов.

On the Season 2 DVDs, Morgan shared his recollections of filming "The Host": "I remember when I'd gotten the script thinking, 'Okay, how does a fluke, half-man, half-flukeworm, move?' And I wanted to come up with some kind of creepy movement like the Creature from the Black Lagoon has a very particular way of swimming. The minute you see him, you go, 'Oh my god, it's the Creature from the Black Lagoon, we're all dead!' Once I got into the suit, I realized that was irrelevant because my mobility was limited to moving like a robot. Like, 'I am the Flukeman.' That was the most I could move. The thing was incredibly heavy. I couldn't breathe, couldn't talk. There was no hole for me to urinate. Sex was completely out of the question. I decided to relieve myself when in the water because I figured Duchovny would never find out. He's never gonna watch these things."

Забавная история )))

Darin Morgan never formally met David Duchovny while on the set because of his restrictive costume. But on a flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver a few months later, David coincidentally sat beside Darin. Darin played the "adoring fan" and asked David for an autograph. "What do you want me to write?" asked David. "I want you to write, 'To my nemesis - Sincerely, Fox Mulder,'" replied Darin. David was thinking, "Who is this psychopath sitting beside me?" until Darin finally told him, "I'm Flukeman!" David was impressed that Darin was able to wait a half-hour into the flight before he pulled the joke; and the two have been fast friends ever since.


Вы здесь » Иксфайловские ведьмы... » The X-Files: from Pilot to the Truth » 2х02 The Host (Хозяин)