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Book project: "A Vision Of Fire" & "A Dream of Ice"

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'The X-Files' star Gillian Anderson to pen sci-fi book series for new Simon & Schuster imprint -- EXCLUSIVE
Gillian Anderson is returning to the genre that made her a cultural icon – but it’s not on television. The newest project from the star of The X-Files is a book franchise called the EarthEnd Saga, a collaboration with co-writer Jeff Rovin, a prolific geek whose extensive bibliography includes works in the best-selling Tom Clancy’s Op-Center series. The first novel, entitled A Vision of Fire, will be published in October by Simon & Schuster through a new imprint devoted to literary and speculative fiction across all genres called Simon451, a nod to legendary author Ray Bradbury’s dystopian/sci-fi classic Fahrenheit 451.
“It’s been a fantastic experience,” Anderson tells EW, adding that she was inspired to give sci-fi world-building and storytelling a shot at the encouragement of Rovin, a friend of a friend. “I enjoy writing, but don’t usually allow myself the time, and I don’t think I’d ever think to write something in this genre without the prodding of someone like Jeff. But I realized I had ideas hidden within me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine.” Referring to The X-Files, she says: “After nine years of living in a semi-science-fictional universe, I think I now have an ingrained knowledge and rhythm for it.”
A Vision of Fire centers on Caitlin O’Hara, a world-traveling child psychiatrist who specializes in treating kids who’ve suffered trauma from natural disasters and war. She’s a grounded personality – she has a son, who is deaf, and everything she knows about the world is challenged when she begins treating a uniquely troubled young girl. Explains Anderson: “Over the course of spending time and helping her and investigating the origins of the girl’s trauma, Caitlin begins to realize that the girl’s behavior is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale.”
Anderson – whose favorite authors include Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Strout, and George Saunders – said she knew what she didn’t want as much as she knew what she wanted. “It was a very clear to me that I didn’t want to enter into the horror realm. That doesn’t interest me,” she says. “I also wanted a very strong female character, around my age. I would want to read something like that and I think other women would like to read.” She adds that the nature of the storytelling world is such that future books “can go into many different directions, and follow different characters in different age groups the people can hook into.”
Asked about her sci-fi influences, Anderson says her touchstones run cinematic. “I don’t think I realized or even admitted to myself how much I like science fiction films, which literally began with Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” she says.  The books are being written with an eye toward possible film adaptation. “Not to get ahead of ourselves,” she says with a laugh. “Our goal is to write a great series of books. But the opportunity is quite large, and hopefully we can create something that translates well into other media. I tend to act in more heady stuff. Period films, dramatic, tortured heroine things. So this could be something interesting and fun that can be added to the mix of things I do.”

http://shelf-life.ew.com/2014/01/14/the … -exclusive

Gillian Anderson @GillianA
Check out my new project- believe it or not, science fiction. -GA

:crazyfun: Я в шоке, хоть и ждала эту новость, жанр меня удивил, но это до ужаса интересно, буду всем сердцем и душой желать Джиллиан и ее соавтору удачи.



Книги, написанные при участии Джиллиан, это мечта, очень круто. Жанр меня совсем не удивил  :P



Трудяжка наша :love: Это ж надо столько всего успевать! Она волшебная :love:



Ну ничего себе новости!!!  :crazyfun:  Я в шоке!!! Я счастлив!!!!!!!!  http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/he_and_she/give_heart.gif 
Интересный сюжет, я с ней согласна, я тоже хочу читать книги, в которых героиням не 18 лет. Young adult в фантастике и фентези уже достал порядком.



Зашла на Хэван, они себя показывают во всей красе. Типа жанр не очень. Вот сразу видно не читающую публику.  Люди,которые читают книги прекрасно знают, что научная фантастика это очень интересный жанр, есть потрясающие книги и авторы. Фу, блин.  Так, ладно, на следующих страницах люди радуются, мне полегчало, а то я совсем уж расстроилась. Видимо для некоторых жанр научная фантастика это "сумерки", "голодные игры" и прочие подобные представители. Печально. 

Видимо пора перечитывать Брэдбери )))


New York, N.Y., January 14, 2014 –Simon & Schuster’s adult trade imprint announced today that it will launch a new imprint called Simon451, dedicated to publishing literary and commercial speculative fiction across categories such as science fiction, fantasy, dystopian, apocalyptic and the supernatural.

Simon451 will publish in multiple electronic and printed formats, with a focus on digital-first publishing and ebook originals. Its editors will develop new authors and branded series, and bring established authors to new audiences with the ability to move quickly and nimbly between digital and print publication, taking advantage of marketplace opportunities as awareness builds for authors and series. Simon451 will experiment with publishing serialized novels and original short stories, and will also re-issue classic backlist titles in ebook.

“Within the science fiction and fantasy genre, e-books and online communities are becoming the primary means of reading and discovery,” says Senior Editor Sarah Knight, who is spearheading the new imprint. “With Simon451 we aim to give those readers what they want, when and how they want it.”

The inaugural Simon451 list will launch in October 2014 with the first volume of the EarthEnd Saga series by actress Gillian Anderson, best known for her role on ”The X-Files,” and co-writer Jeff Rovin. Brit Hvide of Simon & Schuster acquired worldwide rights from Doug Grad at The Doug Grad Literary Agency to a trilogy of titles from Anderson and Rovin, the first of which is entitled A Vision of Fire.

“This is a very exciting endeavor, and I’m thrilled that Simon and Schuster has taken us under their wing,” says Anderson. “Together, we will make the most of what I hope will be a compelling series of adventures.”

Other launch titles include the Paris-set dystopian novel The Undying by Ethan Reid; these books and more will be featured in events and promotions at New York Comic Con, October 9-12, 2014. To sign up for the e-newsletter or find information regarding submissions, please visit Simon451.com.

The imprint’s name, “Simon451,” pays homage to Ray Bradbury’s seminal science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451, which has influenced countless readers, writers and publishers, and which Simon & Schuster published in e-book for the first time in 2011, along with other works by Bradbury.

Simon & Schuster, a part of CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats. Its divisions include Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster Audio, Simon & Schuster Digital, and international companies in Australia, Canada, India, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our website at simonsays.com




Tanya написал(а):

Зашла на Хэван, они себя показывают во всей красе. Типа жанр не очень.

Зачем же так явно показывать свое невежество? Этот жанр можно любить, не любить, но не признавать его практически постоянную популярность, глупо. Я желаю Джиллиан и ее соавтору удачи и верю, что все у них получится хорошо.



Tanya написал(а):

Зашла на Хэван, они себя показывают во всей красе. Типа жанр не очень

Ну не нравится жанр, это не значит, что он плохой. Какие же они там со странностями большими некоторые бывают.



SOLD/Simon & Schuster
EarthEnd Saga science fiction
Jeff Rovin
The series opens in present-day New York and begins with a political crisis playing out at the United Nations. But the tensions created by the crisis have strange ripples around the world, traumatically affecting three children in distant and disparate places, their stories seemingly unconnected. It is this tension that opens a portal to a lost civilization—an Atlantis of the Antarctic mountains—that has existed only as energy on a higher plane of consciousness since its collapse millennia ago. The discovery of the existence of this lost world will send child psychologist Connie O’Hara—who specializes in pediatric schizophrenia and uses hypnosis and past-life regressions in her practice—racing to the ends of the earth to discover the true meaning of what she’s uncovered. And she may not like what she finds… The story unfolds over the course of the series.

The Guardian:

X-Files star Gillian Anderson to write science fiction novels
Agent Scully actress will use her 'ingrained knowledge and rhythm' for SF to pen multi-volume EarthEnd Saga

After delving into the paranormal for years as The X-Files' resident sceptic Dr Dana Scully, actor Gillian Anderson is set to create her own science-fictional universe – but this time in print.

Anderson has been signed up by American publisher Simon & Schuster to pen the EarthEnd Saga series, together with co-writer Jeff Rovin. The first novel in her series, A Vision of Fire, will focus on a child psychiatrist who treats children traumatised by war or natural disasters, and who comes across a "uniquely troubled" young girl.

"Over the course of spending time and helping her and investigating the origins of the girl's trauma, [the psychiatrist] begins to realise that the girl's behaviour is tied to much greater forces in the universe, and as the story unfolds, she must prevent destruction on a grand scale," Anderson told Entertainment Weekly.

The actor believes that after nine years "of living in a semi-science-fictional universe" – that of The X-Files – she feels she now has "an ingrained knowledge and rhythm for it".

"I enjoy writing, but don't usually allow myself the time, and I don't think I'd ever think to write something in this genre without the prodding of someone like Jeff. But I realized I had ideas hidden within me for a series and a lead character, in this case, a heroine," she told EW. "It was very clear to me that I didn't want to enter into the horror realm. That doesn't interest me. I also wanted a very strong female character, around my age. I would want to read something like that and I think other women would like to read … It's been a fantastic experience."

Anderson's debut science fiction novel is due out in October, when it will launch a new list dedicated to "literary and commercial speculative fiction" at Simon & Schuster, named Simon451 in honour of Ray Bradbury's classic novel Fahrenheit 451. The imprint will focus on digital-first publishing and ebook originals, with senior editor Sarah Knight believing that "within the science fiction and fantasy genre, ebooks and online communities are becoming the primary means of reading and discovery".

"With Simon451 we aim to give those readers what they want, when and how they want it," she said. The list will also experiment with serialised novels and short stories, said Simon & Schuster.

Literary agent John Jarrold, who specialises in science fiction and fantasy and represents award-winning writers in the genre including Chris Beckett and Adam Nevill, welcomed the move, putting it down to the strong performance of SFF in recent years.

"When I started the agency a decade ago, there were five major UK genre publishers. Now there are 11 (not counting smaller houses like Titan, Solaris and Angry Robot), so recent years have seen a great flowering – not least because of the success of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones on TV, showing various senior publishers that fantasy can go mainstream, and isn't just for geeks," said Jarrold. "Authors like Trudi Canavan, Joe Abercrombie and Patrick Rothfuss have sold extremely well – in the top five on national bestseller lists, or higher – and SF authors like Richard Morgan, Charles Stross, Neal Asher, Alastair Reynolds and Hannu Rajaniemi have also had major sales success."

• This story was amended in light of updated information from the publisher



Tanya написал(а):

The Guardian

Много интереса вызывает проект )) Как я поняла, Джиллиан пишет в самолетах? Вообще, наверное, удобно работать в соавторстве, когда твой соавтор опытный писатель, мне кажется, что эта работа для Джи в удовольствие.



Наши в туда же:

Звезда «Секретных материалов» стала писательницей
Актриса Джиллиан Андерсон работает над серией фантастических книг, по которым, возможно, когда-нибудь снимут сериал
Джиллиан Андерсон в образе Даны Скалли, сериал «Секретные материалы»
Джиллиан Андерсон возвращается к научной фантастике, но на этот раз не как актриса. Звезда сериала «Секретные материалы» пишет серию книг под названием EarthEnd Saga, что можно перевести как «Конец света. Сага». Соавтором Андерсон выступает популярный американский писатель Джефф Ровин. Он известен тем, что создал литературные версии фильмов «День дурака», «Сломанная стрела», «Реаниматор», а также написал книгу по мотивам компьютерной игры «Смертельная битва».
Первое совместное творение Андерсон и Ровина под названием A Vision of Fire будет опубликовано в октябре 2014 года. Речь в книге пойдет о детском психиатре Кейтилин О’Хара, которая, путешествуя по миру и общаясь с детьми, пережившими природные катаклизмы, встречает очень необычную девочку, наделенную сверхъестественными способностями. «Для меня это фантастический опыт! — рассказала Джиллиан журналу Entertainment Weekly. — Мне нравится писательство, но обычно у меня нет на это времени, и я не думаю, что смогла бы писать книги в этом жанре без чьей-либо помощи — например, Джеффа». По словам актрисы, съемки в сериале «Секретные материалы» очень помогли ей в работе над книгой: «После девяти лет жизни в вымышленной научно-фантастической вселенной, думаю, у меня есть глубокие познания в этой области».
Примечательно, что свои книги Андерсон и Ровин пишут сразу с прицелом на возможную экранизацию. «Не будем забегать вперед», — смеется Джиллиан, но не скрывает: ей хотелось бы создать большую серию книг, которые в будущем послужат основой для научно-фантастического сериала. Не исключено, что тогда актриса не устоит перед соблазном исполнить в нем главную роль.



Pre-Order Gillian's Book

X-Files News @XFilesNews
Preorder @GillianA's 'A Vision Of Fire' from Amazon and help NF Network - follow this link! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ … 20/gaws-20

Мне нравится обложка и мне нравится имя Джиллиан крупными буквами ))



Яркая обложка, внимание привлекает.



Здесь можно прочесть первые две главы книги.



В процессе еще  и выкладывают?



Я так понимаю они ее уже закончили, выходит книга в октябре, а тут две главы в качестве рекламы выложили.



Уже в октябре выходит, здорово.
Очень любопытно, но главы читать не буду, жди потом три месяца, чтобы узнать чем все закончится, это сурово)))



Gillian Anderson signs A Vision of Fire in San Diego.
This is a numbered event – numbers for the signing line are free with the purchase of A Vision of Fire from Mysterious Galaxy, available October 7th, starting at 10 AM!
If you are planning to attend the event, please do not place your order through the web site as all such orders are processed after the event. Instead, please contact the store and purchase the book on or after the on-sale date.

Джиллиан будет книжку подписывать, прямо как настоящий писательный писатель ))



Книжками им надо будет поболее запастись ))



Book signing NY and LA in October
10/8/14 6:00 PM
Barnes & Noble
97 Warren St,
New York, NY 10007
Phone(212) 587-5389

10/14/14 7:00 PM
Mysterious Galaxy
7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd,
San Diego, CA 92111
Phone(858) 268-4747
http://www.booksigningcentral.com/2014/ … -signings/



Так у нее целый тур будет.



Steve's Reviews > A Vision of Fire: A Novel
Первая рецензия на книгу, автор рецензии дает 3* из 5* и пока не понятно читал ли этот человек книгу на самом деле или нет.



Даже если книга получит не слишком шикарные отзывы, это не беда. Джиллиан ведь не писатель, к тому же это только начало. Распишется.  :D

Я думаю, он книгу прочитал, просто видимо у него есть доступ. Да и отзыв хоть и на 3-ку, но вполне доброжелательный.



Simon451 ‏@Simon_451 8m
Congrats @GillianA & Jeff Rovin on @PublishersWkly review of A VISION OF FIRE: "Gripping...fans of Preston & Child will find a lot to like."

A Vision of Fire
Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin. Simon & Schuster/Simon 451, $25 (320p) ISBN 978-1-476776-52-1
Actress Anderson of X-Files fame makes her fiction debut with this gripping, well-written thriller, coauthored with genre veteran Rovin (Vespers). Ben Moss, an interpreter at the United Nations, asks a friend, Manhattan psychiatrist Caitlin O’Hara, if she can figure out what’s bothering Maanik Pawar, the 16-year-old daughter of the Permanent Representative of India to the U.N. Maanik’s father, Ganak, narrowly survived an assassination attempt on a Manhattan street, and while the teenager, who witnessed the shooting, initially seemed okay, she has begun injuring herself, screaming, and speaking in gibberish. The crisis at home threatens to have global implications since it distracts Ganak from focusing on nuclear saber-rattling centered on Kashmir. Caitlin soon finds that Maanik is not the only person to display such symptoms. Fans of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child will find a lot to like. Agent: Doug Grad, Doug Grad Literary Agency. (Oct.)



Kristi Chadwick @booksNyarn
Am currently reading A VISION OF FIRE by Gillian Anderson (SCULLY!) and Jeff Rovin. Interesting scifi bent. #ewgc



Все интереснее и интерснее. Скорее бы же вышла.



Annette Gisby

I was an avid fan of the X-Files so when I saw that Gillian Anderson had written a book, I had to give it a go and I'm glad I did.

Tensions are running high in the UN after an assassination attempt on the Indian ambassador. It looks like the failing peace talks between India and Pakistan might set off a nuclear war and things all around the world are getting weird. From animals behaving oddly, to children and teenagers having strange lapses of concentration and harming themselves, or being harmed by unseen forces.

Caitlin O'Hara is a child psychologist who is brought on board after the ambassador's daughter has strange fits and starts speaking in languages no one can understand. Even Caitlin's friend, Ben, an interpreter at the UN doesn't recognise any of them, but they do have similarities to some he's heard. At first Caitlin is convinced that Manik is having some sort of reaction to her father's almost shooting, but she's never seen a case of PTSD that happened so quickly before.

Soon, other things grab her attention: a young man who set fire to himself in Iran, a young woman who suffered all the symptoms of drowning, but she'd been on dry land. It seems that Manik's episodes are part of something bigger, but what? And how can they stop it?

Now, this is an enjoyable book, well told with characters that you care about. But I have a niggle with Caitlin and the first time she witnesses one of Manik's strange episodes. Up until that point, Caitlin seemed a very down-to-earth sort of person, medically trained and looking for scientific explanations. But as soon as she sees Manik, she suddenly does an about-turn and veers off into New-Agey type stuff. She wants to treat Manik with nothing more than hypnosis and rants at the family doctor for prescribing sedatives. It just didn't seem like her at all.

The book is fast-paced and I eagerly turned the pages ready to see what happens next. It has an intriguing, mysterious storyline to be untangled and the threads were woven together so well that it leaves plenty of room for the next book. Another book I will look forward to.




Сюжет книги насыщенный событиями, интересно было бы почитать.



Simon & Schuster UK ‏@simonschusterUK 3m
Proof copies of @GillianA and Jeff Rovin's new novel A VISION OF FIRE. Guess what we'll be reading this weekend... pic.twitter.com/m4IltuAeZK



И еще один, достаточно хороший отзыв о книге:
A Vision of Fire: Review of the Book by Gillian Anderson and Jeff Rovin



Вот бы на русский ее потом перевели.


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