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'A Streetcar Named Desire'

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Удачи Джиллиан и всей команде сегодня и не только сегодня, держу за них кулачки даже на ногах.



По этой ссылке можно посмотреть города в России, Украине и Казахстане, где будет проходить театральный фестиваль:

Похоже, что все кроме нас с Танюхой посмотрят спектакль. Зато обосранский Комсомольск-на-Амуре есть в списке, жесть, бля  :pained:
Только чего-то я в "Программе фестиваля" театра, в котором будет идти спектакль Джиллиан не увидела.



)))) с нами все ясно, мы "оккупированная территория" , но Хабаровск!!!? Ну дураки, что сказать))
Но, радует то, что сделают запись, хоть экранку посмотрим))



Это города летнего театрального фестиваля, скорее всего. Когда выложат программу на 14-15, вероятно и города изменятся.



Про "Трамвай желаний" ни слова нет. Хотя бы экранку увидеть, уже будет хорошо.



Сегодня у них уже премьера, хочется пожелать Джиллиан удачи!




Tanya написал(а):

но Хабаровск!!!? Ну дураки, что сказать))

В этом во всем нет логики, но я не удивилась, мне просто не могло так повезти, это было бы противоестественно ))
Есть 2 вещи, которые я не понимаю, с чего некоторые люди взяли, что спектакль могут показать в рамках фестиваля в любое время в течение года, когда на сайте театра ясно написано, что транслировать "Трамвай "Желание" будут в кинотеатрах мира именно 16 сентября, не позже, не раньше?
И второе - в программе фестиваля на Россию нет театра "Young Vic", это только меня смущает?



What a brilliant play indeed #astreetcarnameddesire http://instagram.com/p/qzrRKtwSFj/

Susannah Bain ‏@nanah96 35s
Streetcar finished with standing ovation. Absolutely incredible. @youngvictheatre

Gillian Sings in the play and has a beautiful voice

Illiyon▼Kay ‏@_Illiyon 1h
I'll be honest I'm not feeling #Streetcar. But I've been watching musical and artistic plays for the last two month so…

Illiyon▼Kay @_Illiyon · 1h
But everyone else is raving about it. Probably because they studied it. #hype

Susannah Bain ‏@nanah96 34m
Interval of Streetcar at @youngvictheatre. Woah.

Susannah Bain ‏@nanah96 27m
@oscar_owen the start was a bit delayed. Worth the wait though. Had a standing ticket but I got a seat. So I'm experiencing this for £5!

Susannah Bain ‏@nanah96
@oscar_owen definitely. And there's so much cheap and brilliant theatre around at the moment. Feeling spoilt.

ecca Johnson ‏@BeeeJ_Johnson 1h
I feel dizzy #YVStreetcar #intervaltweets

Cathy O'D ‏@l0islane 2h
Woah that was crazy intense, I'm almost scared for the second half! #YVStreetcar #intervaltweet

Cathy O'D @l0islane · 2h
@NoConceptofYou @KirstyH83 it's very good, quite traditional actually.

Kirsty ‏@KirstyH83 2h
I think I need a stiff drink. #YVStreetcar

Natalie Abrahami ‏@NatalieAbrahami 27s
Electrifying #Streetcar arrived @youngvictheatre theatre tonight #firstpreview

Susannah Bain ‏@nanah96 35s
Streetcar finished with standing ovation. Absolutely incredible. @youngvictheatre

lliyon▼Kay ‏@_Illiyon 2m
The staging let it down ALOT #Streetcar

Loren ‏@lalenalimonella 1mTonight was 1st time I'd seen 'Streetcar' on stage. Lasted for almost 3.5 hours. I was captivated the whole time. @GillianA was incredible!

Начало немного задержали, вместе с антрактом спектакль шел 3,5 часа.



Sharon Vye-Parminter ‏@RSVP1999 1m
been to see Streetcar @youngvictheatre starring @GillianA. Hands trembling, head buzzing, heart thumpingly brilliant.

Cathy O'D ‏@l0islane 4m
11.45pm?! The play finished at 11.45pm! You can never have too much Gillian (& it was brilliant) but I have to get up in 6 hrs! #YVStreetcar

Greg Bernstein ‏@GregBernstein 27m
A Streetcar Named Desire at the Young Vic was amazing! What a cast, and amazing set! Go go go!

Han, Solo ‏@hscptcrash 17m
@GillianA Streetcar was amazing.  you were fab. I couldn't thank you in person as I needed to make my last tube, but THANK YOU.

Nakay Kpaka ‏@NakayKpaka 4m
Saw some incredibly sexy and mesmerising theatre tonight at the @youngvictheatre Gillian Anderson. Heart. Slain. Beg, steal or borrow.

Тема на idealistshaven с отзывами зрителей и здесь тоже есть некоторые подробности.



G came out to sign a few autographs and take a few pics after the play. It was really quick as she was tired but she was really lovely and exchanged a few words. Wonderful evening.
Her singing was amazing, I was surprised at how well she sings!



Одни восторженные отзывы, повезло людям ))



28 числа спектакль будут показывать для прессы, надеюсь, что и среди прессы и критиков будут хорошие отзывы.



Фото программки спектакля:



Красивые фотки.



The Stage interview
'I Finally get to Play Blanche'
Television, film and stage star Gillian Anderson tells Mark Shenton about her fascination with A Streetcar Named Desire and how she was determined for the new Young Vic production to go ahead - even if she got sued by NBC.

Gillian Anderson was destined to play Blanche DuBois. "I've never actually known why, it's just been a given," says Anderson, explaining that she knew she would play Tennessee Williams's lonely, isolated heroine in A Streetcar Named Desire one day.

"It's just been there somewhere, even though I've never studied the play. But one of the monologues was familiar to me when I re-attacked it this time, so I think at one point I must have done it somewhere, perhaps as an audition speech. But I've never studied the play, and I don't known that I've seen the film - I know images from it, but I'm not sure that I've seen the whole film. But I've seen about four productions of it and the play has always been in my consciousness to do. I haven't known why, but I assumed I would know when I got there."

As we meet in the final stages of rehearsals at the Jerwood Space, three days before the company moves on to begin the tech and then performances at the Young Vic Theatre, has the strange lure of the play finally been explained?

"I certainly do know, working on it now, not just what an extraordinary piece of writing and a construction it is, but also more specifically in terms of Blanche herself. It is almost revealing too much to admit how many similarities there are, or why there is a kinship of some kind, with Blanche - though not necessarily in all of the obvious senses. But it might raise a couple of eyebrows."

As a globally recognized celebrity from her long stint on The X-Files, as well as many other film and TV roles including Great Expectations and The Fall (both for the BBC) and the series Hannibal and Crisis (both for NBC), she has faced the inevitable battle to keep her private life private, and is understandably reluctant to make too much of any personal connection to the role.

But there are other reasons too: "I'm wary of either jinxing it, or sounding pretentious by saying that I understand her - also, it gives the critics the opportunity to say, 'well, you certainly do not!'"

But if past press interviews have led me to expect someone who (according to one) had a "reputation as a tricky interviewee", Anderson absolutely isn't. She's open and charming, frank and easy to talk to.

She is also immaculate and precise in her choice of words, and keen to share the convoluted story of how this production came about.

It was ultimately at her own instigation, which also demonstrates something of her confidence, given her relatively limited theatrical experience. She began her professional career on the New York stage fresh out of drama school in 1991, but since then has worked on stage only in London in four plays since she moved here nearly 13 years ago.

"I've been talking about this play for years, and in between other work I've kind of nudged in areas and we've called to find out if the rights to the play were available. Someone I know told me about a very old friend of theirs who they knew from school that was just going off on his own after working as a partner to a big West End producer, and thought we could do something together. His name was Joshua Andrews, and we sat down for lunch. He had a list of plays and actors he wanted to work with in future, but I said there's only really one conversation we can have - if this isn't the next thing I'm making happen, it is going to be another six to eight years before I could make it happen again. I knew the rights were becoming available, so it was potentially a good time, and I said to him, 'Can you help me make this happen?'"

They embarked on a journey together to find a theatre, constrained by another condition set by Anderson, which was to do it in the round: "I'd always just had this vision that at the point when I do it this is what it will look like, with people sitting all around, so I was pretty much not able to engage in any kind of corner-station that involved a traditional or proscenium arch."

she's obviously got a determined streak, and it runs a lot on instinct. The next occurred around her choice of director. "I saw Three Sisters at Young Vic, directed by Benedict Andrews, and we started a conversation and Skyped. He was very interested. We began looking at theatres and started with the Trafalgar Studios, as it was the only other place that could potentially do it in the round besides the Cottesloe or Donmar, which has already done the play recently. We were waffling and waffling, then Benedict needed to take another job and that time period fell out. Then I did [the TV show] Crisis, and jumping off of doing that, I met another producer who said, 'What about the Yougn Vic!' It was like being hit over the head - why the hell hadn't I thought of it before? Partly it was because I'd brought Josh on board, even though from the beginning I kept saying to him this is not about profit. He had to understand that even if we ended up at a hole in the wall to make this happen, it was about the space. So this other producer then said let me call David [Lan] at the Young Vic and see if he is interested. Two seconds later he responded - he was and it al happened right there."

Even the dates miraculously fell into place, though initially there was a potential problem. "There was a whole drama with NBC and not being able to release me because there might have been a second series of Crisis, so we couldn't announce it and all kinds of stuff that people don't know about.

"But I was so determined that this was going to happen that I said I know this is crazy and I might get sued by NBC, but we are doing this at this time and nothing is going to get in the way, especially after David contacted Benedict and he was available."

In the end, Crisis wasn't renewed for a second series, "so it all worked out."

It certainly took some determination to make it happen, and speaking days before her first performance, I suggested she's entering the home stretch: "that's one way to look at it!" But another challenge of the process has turned into a virtue: they've rehearsed the play on the actual set that has been brought into the rehearsal room. "Because it is in the round and revolving, it was essential that we got to be on the actual ship - our little rectangle of life - from day one."

She's also full of praise for her director.

"He brings the whole company with him in a very muscular way, but not ego-centrically - he's a very good listener and very compassionate, so even the smallest roles are swept into the whole. He's never too busy on one of the larger roles or too busy in his own mind not to be completely present and take on board and listen to and work with all the characters, which is very admirable."

As a working mother (her two sons are five and seven), she says she has just had the kids "full-on all weekend, and part of my brain is saying, 'you are supposed to be with your face in the script this entire weekend before the tech, and what the fuck are you doing? Football'. But maybe I needed the break. We rehearsed all day on Saturday til six, so maybe having that evening and Sunday off was okay, to be a mother and not be completely obsessive, and by having that balance, trust that it will make a better Blanche."

Her sons are too young to see the show, but she says: "I might bring them at one point so they stand on the revolving set. And over the weekend I took them to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 at IMAX, and as we drove by the Young Vic and I realised where we were, I said to them, 'Boys, that's where Mummy will be working' - They showed no interest at all."

And that's as it should be. Talking of fame, she says, "Friends and family are more important than any slice of fame you get. If you are in a position of being famous at any given time, it is still old friends and family that you need. It's not just about being grounded, but the consistency of knowing that, no matter what number you are on IMDB, that doesn't matter to the people that truly love you, and will be there no matter where on that graph you end up."
She knows of what she speaks, having been cast as Special Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files when she was 24 years old, two years after moving to New York and getting her first job in Manhattan Theatre Club's 1991 production of Alan Ayckbourn's Absent Friends.

"Mary-Louise Parker had dropped out to film Grand Canyon, and they basically hired me with no experience whatsoever really because of my accent."

Having been brought up in England from the age of two to 11, she has a nearly impeccable English accent - only stray words are pronounced with an American slant. When she was cast she'd been waitressing "at a couple of different low=end places", and the job "came completely out of the blue - it was very fortunate and terrifying, but I learnt the discipline of theatre very quickly"

She adds: "Lynne Meadow, who directed it , was appropriately harsh with me at times about the necessity for timing and rhythm, which is important period, but especially comically, and also about my impact on the rest of the company so that I was not acting in my own vacuum."

Theatre, she thought then, was going to play a larger part in her life than it did. "Growing up in London, whether I knew it or not at the time, I had a peripheral sense that it was possible and that theatre was part of what you did as an actor. It was part of your curriculum and it was always going to be that thing I continued to go back to as British actors do."

But then it took many more years - The X-Files would run for nine seasons, from 1993 to 2002 - for her to come back to theatre, and then it also brought her back to London. She was cast in a new play by Mike Weller called What the Night is For.

Her passion for theatre was reignited, leading to jobs at the Royal Court and Donmar Warehouse. At the Royal Court, she performed in another new play, Rebecca Gilman's The Sweetest Swing in Baseball, and at the Donmar she appeared in A Doll's House.

She says that the classics have proved more satisfying.

"Not that new plays can't be exceptional and dense, but these are great plays for very specific reasons, and having an opportunity to jump in and immerse oneself in theatre that is so complex, and where every moment has its beginning which may be pages and pages back, is fantastic.

"It has made me potentially be more discerning in the future - after delving into a piece like this, it's really the only way to go. With this much complexity to the characters, it's all about digging and digging."

She's enjoyed the journey: "From the very beginning of the birth of this particular take on it, from my first inkling to where Benedict has gone with it, it is so much to do with unearthing the truth in it.

"That's been the primary goal, not to highlight for mass audiences the fact hat I finally get to play Blanche."
Anderson On...
Seizing a famous role
"I was reading some Stella Adler stuff about A Streetcar Named Desire, and she goes into this riff about Hamlet and how in England specifically every actor needs to do Hamlet. She wasn't talking about that in relation to this, but it was the first time I thought that there is that, isn't there? But it hasn't been about that for me - it isn't a role that I felt any responsibility to get to, as it might be with Hamlet for a guy."

The difference between working on stage and television
"The stage is not about being able to make quick decisions - it's about really funneling into the right decisions for every second that transpires. That's where the real work is. It's easy for TV to just grab at a bunch of moments and call them something - you do it all the time - but that is not for this."

3 top tips for aspiring actors
1) Dealing with disappointment
"No matter what area of the acting life one chooses to step into, 90% of it will be disappointment in one way or another. you have to find a way not to be knocked by it, and trust that for whatever reason it wasn't meant for you - either it was an opportunity for someone else who needs it more, or there's another job around the corner. There have been periods where I've been off when a family member has fallen sick, and were I working I wouldn't have been available. There's a higher order and reason behind all this.

2) Being prepared for auditions
"I've learnt how nice it is from being on the other side when I've been in casting table able to look in actors' eyes because they are off-book, or off-book to the degree that they're not tied to the page. It's really refreshing and disarming to be able to look in the full face of the person in front of you. When I listen to directors and producers talk about the person they've cast, they also talk about the fact that they really liked the person. If you're going to spend next three to six months with them, you want htat in the people you hire. So that also plays into it."

3) Dealing with fame
"don't believe any of it. It is fleeting, and you want it to be fleeting."



Потрясающее интервью, много интересных, новых моментов и мне нравится то, что Джиллиан не слишком расстроена из-за отмены "Кризиса" )))



Will Bowden ‏@William_Bowden_ 2m
I met Gillian Anderson tonight. She is short. But lovely. I have a feeling this will be a good run.

Florence Lockheart ‏@smalltimeflo 1h
Our seats for #AStreetcarNamedDesire are so good! No photos though, so I can't show the kick ass set they've got :/

Poly Gianniba ‏@polyg 8m
Not to take anything away from Ben Foster but the six pack on Vanessa Kirby omg #IntervalTweets #AStreetcarNamedDesire

Poly Gianniba ‏@polyg 6m
But yeah it's good. #intervaltweets #AStreetcarNamedDesire

Dawn Amber Harvey ‏@DawnAmberHarvey 6m
Gillian Anderson is tiny! #StreetcarNamedDesire

Sian Meades ‏@SianySianySiany 7m
Gillian Anderson is a goddess. ( I know this is from the play because other twitter she mentioned she was going)
Sian Meades ‏@SianySianySiany 4h
Off to see Streetcar at the Young Vic tonight. So damn excited about Gillian Anderson.

rosie ‏@notveryrosie 12m
@GillianA that first act was wonderful and you're perfect as Blanche - amazingly well done! Looking forward to the next bit ❤️ x

Elise ‏@NoConceptofYou 23s
Standing ovation indeed! #YVStreetcar

Antonis Daikos ‏@stranger1981 1m
Of course @GillianA got a standing ovation!!! Wow!!! #StreetcarNamedDesire

Alex Baranowski ‏@alexbaranowski 2m
Brilliant 2nd preview @youngvictheatre #StreetcarNamedDesire with a cool standing ovation. Lovely stuff.

Hannah Pearl ‏@hannahthehumble 2m
Harrowing performance of #StreetcarNamedDesire @youngvictheatre
Very slick for a second preview!

Dawn Amber Harvey ‏@DawnAmberHarvey 30s
I was knackered and it's really long, but #StreetcarNamedDesire was still amazing. Well worth the hype.

kaha ‏@akaha00 1m
So i got to spend the evening watching @GillianA have a nervous breakdown. I approve. pic.twitter.com/bYuxmXnzeb

LouisaFeltes ‏@LouisaAliceF 1m
#StreetcarNamedDesire is seriously powerful stuff. Go see if you can. Gillian Anderson was incredible.. #youngvic

Dickie Welch ‏@dickiewelch 2m
Just back from streetcar named desire @youngvictheatre SENSATIONAL Gillian Anderson was incredible. Beg, borrow, steak a ticket!



Great performances all round. Gillian really depicted Blanche's increasingly desperate situation well.Revolving stage set works surprisingly well. All ran to time tonight. Finished at 11pm. I found the accents took a little getting used to at first. Gillian's singing - it suited the character.... but she isn't going to win a Grammy any time soon! Ben Foster as Stanley was excellent. A partly standing ovation.



Clare Ollerhead ‏@clare_o 5m
So yeah, #YVStreetcar is pretty outstanding. I’d almost forgotten how good Gillian Anderson is on stage, but this reminded me, & then some.

simon ‏@_robotboy 54m
wow. just... wow. incredible. worth the ten year wait. #YVstreetcar



I haven't been on this forum in a longgg time but I just had to for this! I went last night which was planned but tonight at 7 I saw that a few hours earlier the young vic tweeted that they were releasing a few more tickets. I thought I'd have no chance and there were only singles left but I got one! There were actually a couple of spare seats today which I didn't see yesterday. I really do hope they are actually sold out and are not holding back tickets that people won't see / have time to buy and get to the theatre when there has been so much demand.

Overall impressions: just wow. I was the person who said on twitter that if this doesn't get Oliviers I don't know what will and I stand by that. The whole cast is very strong. It's incredibly intense and hard to watch in places but it certainly doesn't feel like a 3 hour plus play. It's my favourite Gillian project by a mile and my favourite theatre ever, definitely. The staging and the theatre works really well and builds the intensity because the characters are pretty much among the audience a lot of the time.

Love the revolving stage but it can make it a bit difficult to hear the dialogue when the stage is facing away from you especially as there is quite a lot of banging and moving around from the cast. That was the main, I think only, complaint I heard from people talking around me.

They didn't seem to have cut anything tonight from last night. There were a couple of minor differences on last night but I think it seemed that yesterday Gillian was saving people with their lines and tonight she didn't have to! Yesterday she was wearing black stilettos which wouldn't stop squeaking and today they were different... Oh and yesterday she didn't have one of her props, her compact, so had to ad lib her way out of that and today was fine. A lot of the things the actors have to do are quite fiddly and I think there is potential for a lot to go wrong!

Gillian was very cute when she noticed the standing ovation from the audience behind her as this started after they moved to the other side to bow. She was pointing and very smiley.

She must have gone lightening speed out of the building because she was gone before anyone got there!

I can't wait for everyone to see it! Gillian has outdone herself!



Norma Parry ‏@intouchuk 57m
@youngvictheatre Wonderful Streetcar last night. @GillianA so so good as Stella. Unravelling amazing. Ben scary as Stanley! Vanessa great.

Chris Pearson ‏@entersoundman 1h
Loved Streetcar last night at @youngvictheatre - @GillianA is absolutely magnificient. Very powerful stuff.

Lena Whitaker ‏@LenaWhitaker1 9h
Incredible performances by all the cast of #YVStreetcar. @GillianA is phenomenal as Blanche!

catfran ‏@NicLovesXF 9h
Thank you so much for this breathtaking performance of #YVStreetcar @youngvictheatre @GillianA @vanessa__kirby & whole company I loved it!

Catherine ‏@catherineverney 9h
Even more amazing performance of #YVStreetcar tonight! Just Wow! Great cast & mesmerising Blanche by @GillianA - stunning!

Chris Pearson ‏@entersoundman 1h
Loved Streetcar last night at @youngvictheatre - @GillianA is absolutely magnificient. Very powerful stuff.

Paula Crickard ‏@paulacrick 10h
@youngvictheatre awesome production of my favorite play. So glad I got to see it. Streetcar Named Desire is magnificent!



Ну наконец-то, первое фото:



Фото! Фото! Фото!
http://janehobson.photoshelter.com/gall … ZS.G7b6FkE

Какая же она потрясающая! Завидую белой завистью тем, кому удалось это видеть!
Девочки, если к кого-то получится вытащить фото с Джиллиан, залейте файликом, пожалуйста.



Потрясающие фото, клад просто! Но жаль, что не получается выдернуть их оттуда ((



tailin написал(а):

The Stage interview
'I Finally get to Play Blanche'

Прекрасное интревью.



На сайте philiater есть все эти фото и даже больше в хорошем качестве.

Я чего-то не пойму, они ее там избивают что ли? На спине и локте хорошие ссадины, под коленом синяк, запястье на правой руке пластырем заклеено. Что там у них происходит, вообще?
Про пластырь на запястье до меня дошло, они тату залепили ))



По книге не помню,чтобы Бланш били, может быть автор постановки решил что-то добавить в сценарий. С другой стороны, из зрителей никто ничего не пишет об этом.



Нет, я думаю, что случайно заработала во время репетиций, может быть или в футбол играла ))



leddy lei‏ @leddylei
This is the most beautiful creature i have ever met #GillianAnderson #youngvic shes so nice and humble
Vivien Reid ‏@VivienReid
Last night at the theatre to see #streetcar #youngvic





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