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War And Peace

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Шо такое, на Первом у кого-то повылазило, что показ в нормальное время?  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/rsmile/loon/p0619.gif



И не говори, та еще в то время, когда обычно пускают русские сериалы, что с ними случилось?  http://www.yoursmileys.ru/msmile/loon/m0402.gif



Вчера начала смотреть сериал, пока мне очень нравится, такие все живые и настоящие, Джиллиан просто невероятная красавица!



Я первую серию видела, начну со второй. Реклама побуждает смотреть дальше.



Досмотрела и могу сказать, что мне очень понравилась эта экранизация,  гораздо больше чем наш старый советский фильм. Теперь можно меня закидывать камнями)) Актеры все такие красивые и удачно подобраны, ложка дегтя лишь Наташа Ростова, какая-то белка скуластая, но ее вполне можно пережить и даже привыкнуть. С удовольсвие  при случае пересмотрю еще раз.



Мне тоже не понравилась актриса на роль Наташи Ростовой. Играет неплохо, но типаж абсолютно противоположный книжному. Хотя бы брюнетку подобрали.



Сюжет от "Первого" канала:

ГрЁбаные сноггеры  :P



Ага, видела этот сюжет на днях в "Добром утре" ))

Отредактировано Marina_S (2016-05-14 09:01:14)



Актеры сериала "Война и Мир" рассказывают о чем собственно "Война и Мир":

Я так их полюбила всех, пока сериал смотрела, такие роднули все ))






Шикарна  :love:



4 ноября первый канал покажет все серии.



Да ладно? Это замечательно, пересмотрю с удовольствием.



Ага, вчера видела анонс



Только что показали рекламу, с 10:15 утра с перерывом на новости будут показывать.




Drama series

The Crown
The Durrells
Happy Valley
War & Peace

"Война и Мир" номинированы на БАФТа, церемония пройдет 14 мая в Лондоне.



Хорошая новость.



"Война и Мир" победила на BAFTA Television Craft Awards, которая прошла сегодня 23 апреля, в номинации "Production Design Award"!



Пошли награды собирать, проект добротный и заслуживает внимания.



From WE newsletter

Q1: Don’t you think there are occasions where you should be allowed to just think that the world is f**ked up? That you must acknowledge the bad to be able to appreciate the good? – Daniela

Yes indeed!!! And part of what is not right in the world is that so many have so little and so few have s much. A good portion of my gratitude everyday focuses on that discrepancy. – GA

Q2: How do you choose things for your gratitude list? When I try to pick things for it, I think of people who had to leave their home because of war. They have taken only important things with them and they don’t have a job or a constant in their life. – Franziska

Exactly. There is a statistic in the book that states that if you have a refridgerator you are richer than seventy five per cent of the planet. Being grateful for the things we have that we may not even realise others may not have, is part of the journey towards contentment and freedom from negativity. –GA

Q3: Thinking about gratitude, did you have any difficult experiences in your earlier life that may have helped you become more resilient or empathic now? – Amelia, UK

Many. And also experiences which if I choose to focus on them in such a way might contribute to feeling weak and hardened against the world. We all have experiences that can knock us down or instigate our finding strength and resilience. Once we realise that we have the power to change our perspective on the past and how we see our present, we can start to make different choices about empathy. We can extend it to ourselves and have the resilience to extend it to others. – GA

Q4: how do you feel any sort of gratitude when everything about your life and your being makes you feel so drained emotionally and physically? I know I have a lot to be grateful for. It makes me feel guilty when I sit down in front of my gratitude journal and find it ‘heavy’ to write anything sometimes. – B. Sheppard, New Zealand.

I promise, that the more you do it the lighter you will start to feel. That has been my experience. There have been times over the years where everything has felt like it is going wrong and I dread the day, day after day before me, and gratitude for the things that are working, is one of the only things that seems to help me out of it. That and being of service. But as we do this work and start to get honest about the things that are draining us, we can start to make small changes here and there. And then we get to be grateful for the little bits of relief we start to feel. -GA

Q5: I’ve been doing grateful list everyday for almost a month now. But I still find myself struggling with it, it seems like I’m repeating the same things everyday. My question is, does it get easier? I’m also wondering if maybe I’m doing it wrong, is there an example available? – Bree

Some days it does indeed feel that I can’t muster gratitude for the roof over my head or the car I am lucky enough to drive. Today I can’t drive because I have a broken foot. Oh boy do I wish I could drive the kids to school rather than take a taxi (and yet oh boy am I grateful that I can afford taxi’s!) And… that my foot is not broken in more places and that my other foot is functioning and that I’m not on permanent crutches. What I am grateful for changes constantly and one of the constant is that some week is just the same old thing. .But the fact that day in and day out I have a roof over my head is indeed something to not take lightly. -GA