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GILLIAN GILLIAN GILLIAN-everything about her!!!

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Marina_S написал(а):

Джиллиан самая красивая


Интервью Джиллиан касательно вчерашнего мероприятия:

Actress Gillian Anderson gives mentoring sessions to children on the London Eye
Actress Gillian Anderson today gave advice to school pupils as part of a “speed mentoring” event to mark the UN International Day of the Girl.

The Golden Globe winning star, 50, joined 150 pupils on the London Eye where she gave 15-minute individual mentoring sessions.

Anderson said the day was a “celebration”, to mark the year that women began to be heard in the wake of #MeToo movement.

She told the Standard: “This is an opportunity to be a role model - to just be present and to listen - and for girls to feel heard, whether it’s personally or on their career ambitions.

“Gender inequality has always been important - it’s been going on for a long time. But people are paying more attention at this particular moment. It seems, at last, some real sustainable change is happening in various sectors.”

Anderson was joined by other notable women, including writer and comedian Ruby Wax and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Baroness Doreen Lawrence and female MPs from both major political parties, including Justine Greening and Jess Phillips, were also at the event.

The sessions launched a day of events forming part of the Southbank Centre’s WOW – Women of the World Festival - which was founded by Jude Kelly in 2010 and aims to promote equality between genders.

Princess Mariama Mansaray, 12, who wants to be an actress in theatre, spoke to Anderson about her stage fright.

She said: “She has been through what I’m feeling and helped me overcome my nerves.

“It’s important they [mentors] are here as if they didn’t come and talk to us then we might not have advice to achieve our dreams.”

A simultaneous event took place this morning on the Brisbane eye with Australian school pupils.

Speaking in London, Ms Gillard said: “I am here today because I am vitally interested in making sure that every girl gets a fair chance in life and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.

“For all the negative things in our world today, and some of the tensions out of the political issues that countries have to face, including here, I think that a huge note of optimism is the way that the world is now grappling with gender equality.”



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Celebrities donate items to pop-up charity shop
Celebrities donate items to pop-up charity shop
Gareth Bale shirt, comics, and signed designer clothes up for grabs

KATE Moss and Gillian Anderson are among celebrities donating to a pop-up charity shop opening in Mayfair today (Friday).
The Sue Ryder shop, at Bonhams in New Bond Street, will be selling a range of vintage clothing, and curious accessories from across different eras in fashion.
The charity’s doctors, nurses and carers give expert care support to people with terminal illness or who are losing or have lost loved ones.
Famous faces including Ms Moss, Ms Anderson, Eddie Redmayne, Susie Cave, Jean Shrimpton, Sam Smith, Daniel Radcliffe and Iskra Lawrence have donated personal items.
Model and fashion icon Kate Moss, who donated a signed copy of her coffee-table book (above), said: “I regularly donate to my local Sue Ryder shop and I’m delighted to be supporting the charity’s first pop-up shop.”
Actress Gillian Anderson, star of cult shows such as X-Files and The Fall, has donated a pair of Charles David sandals to the auction, and said: “I’m delighted to be contributing to the Sue Ryder shop and to be helping a cause which does so much for people living with life-changing conditions.”
A host of British designers have also donated to the shop. The charity’s director of hospices, Holly Spiers, said: “We hope that the shop will really put Sue Ryder on the map when it comes to charity retail, while also raising vital funds so we can provide more palliative, neurological and bereavement care.”
The shop is open between 10am and 4.30pm while some of the items will be sold in a silent auction.

Джиллиан приняла участие в благотворительной акции :love:



Она молодец!



British Airway Magazine


Actress, activist, author – OBE awardee Gillian Anderson is a jack of all trades, and the master of luxury travel. We speak to the bidialectal Brit, who has just added fashion designer to her long list of talents, about her new collection, bucket-list journeys and going behind the scenes for British Airways

My TV and film roles have taken me to some beautiful places…
… but Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur – where we filmed Viceroy’s House – was exquisite. It’s home to the extraordinary Toorji’s Step Well, which had been submerged for decades until its true beauty was unveiled, and the 15th-century Mehrangarh Fort, towering 400 feet above the Blue City. It’s fascinating and magical in equal measure, especially at night.

I found the most perfect spot on earth…
… and it was lying horizontal by the pool at Hotel Esencia (pictured below), in Tulum, Mexico. It’s small, unpretentious, has lovely staff, delicious food and is environmentally conscious. I appreciated how calm it all was, and how everywhere you looked was just so pretty.

At the top of my ‘some day’ list you’ll find…
… a magical journey on one of the world’s most luxurious trains, The Maharajas’ Express. I probably have a more romantic notion of what it’s like than it could ever live up to, but it’s still my dream trip through India.

I love being based in the city
I feel extremely grateful to call London home. Between May and September when the nights are warmer, head to one of the parks. Fortunately, unlike most densely urban cities, London has hundreds, and they’re all glorious.

Fashion is another way to express myself
Which is what excited me most about my first design collaboration with modern, classic brand Winser London. I imagine it’s a bit like being an architect – you visualise something, work with a team on every last detail, hand it over to be built, and then all of a sudden, there it is. It’s incredibly satisfying.

If I had to sum up my collection in three words…
… they would be luxurious, practical and timeless.

You won’t catch me on a plane without…
… a cosy extra layer, like a hoody, so that I’m not requesting any unethical heat adjustments. Once that’s on, my two other flying essentials include a good moisturiser and some of Le Labo’s bergamote (above) or rose scents, which, at 15ml, are perfect for travelling.

Being a part of the new BA safety video was hilariously fun
We laughed so much while doing it, but of course, flight safety is no laughing matter so the final cut is much more serious.

Besides world peace, my one wish would be…
… unlimited First or Club World BA tickets. As a Gold member, I always fly BA if I can – the service is some of the best out there and the app is easy to use. How do I spend my Avios? On more BA flights, of course!

Прекрасно, маленькое интервью, Джиллиан всегда так вкусно рассказывает о путешествиях!



Давно не было с ней интервьюшек.



Новое радио-интервью Джиллиан для Sirius XM в рамках промо "Sex Education":



Из инсты Пайпер  :P



Такой красивый мальчуган))



Irish Examiner interview
Gillian Anderson is back on the small screen with Netflix comedy

Новое интервью в рамках промо "Sex Education"!



Новое фото Джиллиан из Лондона.
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Что за дамы интересно



https://twitter.com/beatrizuy_/status/1 … 15616?s=21

Этой девушке уже второй раз повезло встретить Джиллиан в Лондоне!



Она везунчик))


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