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UCL Honorary Fellowship for Supporting Reading Recovery _07.07.17

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Мы в очередной раз можем совершенно справедливо гордится нашей Джиллиан, так как вчера ей была присуждена почётная степень английским институтом образования за поддержку  образовательной инициативы обучения чтению детей.

В своей речи Джиллиан отметила, что эта программа для нее очень важна, так как одному из ее мальчиков был поставлен диагноз дислексия (избирательное нарушение способности к овладению навыком чтения и письма при сохранении общей способности к обучению.), речь Джиллиан можно посмотреть и послушать на ее страничке в твиттер:



Транскрипт речи Джиллиан:

One of the reason why I've taken an interest in Reading Recovery is I'm so often in awe of writers and the worlds.
They open up for us, whether it's in novels or history books and to think that one's access to those worlds can be inhibited though random selection.
Whether that's the country one lives in or the house one grows up in.
The school one attends or other less overt contributors.
I'm reminded how much I take for granted.But its only been since working with one of my young boys, who has in the last year, has been diagnosed with dyslexia that I've come to know that we are challenged by some of the same things.
Who knew?
And who could ever know?Which child is going to find literacy easy?Which are going to face challenge? And to what degree?
It's most often again, the luck of the draw and so what interests me about Reading Recovery is that idea that those who've drawn the short straw get a least a chance to draw a longer one.
The teacher who helps my young boy is invaluable for this confidence.
Every one should have access to the same opportunities should they want them. What Reading Recovery provides is a choice and a chance. Thank you to all of the teachers and headteachers for your hard work and all you have achieved for the children who've had the Reading Recovery intervention.
It's noble work you do and you should be very proud and I am to celebrate and honour you all today.



Почетная премия, Джиллиан умница!



Реакция учителей и людей имеющих отношение к образованию на речь Джиллиан:

Gerard Fra‏ @gerard_fra 3 h
Gerard Fra retweetou Pie Corbett
As a teacher of English including literacy, this explains some of what we do. When you think of us watch this. Thank you @GillianA

Pie Corbett‏

Pie Corbett retweetou IOE
A fine and moving tribute by Gillian Anderson, honouring the noble work of Reading Recovery; had me welling up - and her too, at the end.

Michelle Deeming‏ @DeemingMichelle 1 h

Em resposta a @PieCorbett @ILC_IOE
I think the whole room was welling up Pie. Her comments were heartfelt and summed up the views of Reading Recovery supporters everywhere.

Debbie Miles‏ @debs_miles1331 6 h
Debbie Miles retweetou IOE
This video has had over 90k views. @GillianA words can not express our gratitude for the children you champion. @MarvinJRees @ClaireHiscott




Новое ожерелье, которое было на Джиллиан во время этого мероприятия:



Очень красивое.



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