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Hollywood walk of fame_08.01.2018

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Рассказ от фаната:

On this Gillian Anderson day...

The gloomy skies over Southern California could not stop us die-hards from watching our fav (or our Queen as Joel McHale lovingly called her) get her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We arrived close to 9, even though we wanted to arrive earlier, tortuously slow LA traffic slowed us…made worse with the new rain.

Like we cared. We were in line to see our Lord and Savior receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Logistics of where fans stood:

Fans were corralled into a small viewing section behind the “friends and family” seats. It ran the entire span of the seating area and you were sort of shit outta luck if you didn’t like the spot you got. There was little room to move. Oh well. The friends and family section was partitioned into three areas and I (along with @puzzlingpeace and formerly @rosewater7 and a few others from other fandom social media were placed sort of in the middle….) The middle should be a great space. The middle is where everyone wants to be, except the middle, in this case, was actually the worst spot. HA! We had that damn tree blocking our view of the stage….BUT it allowed for some great shots of their arrivals and petering about before the show started.

The air ceased to move when she arrived. Just kidding. But the new hair definitely made it easier to see her when she did…this tiny little petite platinum blob moving through the people to the entrance of the private area. Fans hollered and yelled, very exciting. (Oh, I want to add that fans also hollered and yelled when Joel showed up and Bryan….and Annabeth Gish, too.)

Gillian walked into the restaurant directly next to the stage and others followed her in while Peter stayed outside and spoke with a few other people. Soon after, she opened the door and motioned for him to come inside, which he did. We were left in relative silence….well, relative only to a John Meyer soundtrack crooning loudly in our ears.

But then they left the restaurant and Gillian took her place on stage while Peter and Joel and Bryan took their seats.


It was lively, and funny, and oh so touching. Gillian seemed very touched by the things her friends had to say about her, and based on what we heard, she is a remarkable human being. Kind. Considerate. Funny. Engaging. Genuine.
The Space Through Which Light Passes…

Gillian is so loved, not only by her fans and by her family, but by her friends. Those men had remarkable things to say about her and I couldn’t be prouder to be her fan.

Afterwards, while driving home, I turned to @puzzlingpeace and said that I feel like I’ve just left church – that feeling you get when your soul has been cleansed in the best way possible, inspired to go out and do good in the world…. THAT is what it feels like right now. What her friends said about her - what everyone seems to all agree on – those are #Goals. I walked out of there feeling so proud – proud not of her accomplishments, but proud that I picked a good egg to aspire to. Proud to be her fan. Proud to stand up for her and support her in all things.

She’s a good egg, you guys, and I’m just so happy for all of her success.

Oh, I will say that these events take a particular kind of fan, and I have learned that I am not that fan. I cannot fight for the autograph, push and shove to get what I want. She signed as many autographs as she wanted to, but then fans literally RUSHED her at the end and security had to tell people to back off. It was frightening. My 8-year old was crying after being pushed into several people too focused on “I came all the way from xxxxx so you must sign this for me”-type behavior. Security finally wrapped his arm around her and literally led her the waiting car with Peter following close behind. It was intense, and Gillian seemed obliging if not overwhelmed. If I want her autograph (which I am already lucky enough to have) I’ll wait for another Con. That sort of kill-or-be-killed fandom fight-to-the-death isn’t my jam. Kudos to those who thrive on it, however.
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И оттуда же про Питера Моргана:

Peter Morgan was fully engaged - smiling/waving at fans, cheering loudly for Gillian, letting her shine. He recorded her speech on his damn iPhone, for fuck’s sake.

All I saw today was an incredibly talented, kind, strong, radiant woman receiving a well deserved honor, as her supportive partner watched with pride.



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Ну да, там прям охране их пришлось так конкретно отодвигать, видио есть.





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Пишут, что Дэвид не был замечен, а то, что Криса Картера тоже не было, у них противоположное мнение  :P




Любуется, гордится и фотографирует  :P


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