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Netflix Series: Sex Education

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New Netflix Series: Sex Education
Gillian Anderson to star in new Netflix series Sex Education
Джиллиан исполнит главную роль врача-сексолога в новом сериале от Netflix "Sex Education" в паре с актером Эйсом Батерфилдом, который будет исполнять роль сына героини Джиллиан,  известен этот актер по фильму  "Дом странных детей мисс Перегрин". Планируется, что 8-ми серийный проект в жанре "драмеди" выйдет на экраны в 2019 году.
Проект обещает быть очень интересным и крайне забавным  :longtongue:



Новый мини-сериал, круто)



Режиссер Kate Herron https://twitter.com/iamkateherron очень возбуждена тем, что она будет работать над 4 эпизодами сериала "Sex Education":
И шутит, что зазывая ее в Уэльс ей обещали солнечные дни ))



Съемки продолжаются, из инсты режиссера:



Съемки сериала «Sex Education» завершились 31 августа, о чем и сообщил актер Эйса Баттерфилд:
"Мы закончили со съемками "Sex Education". В следующем году вы сможете наблюдать весь этот беспредел на "Netflix""



Everything We Know About Netflix’s 2019 original series

Sex Education

Season to premiere in 2019: Season 1

What’s it about?: A) Becoming your new favorite Netflix teen show. B) An awkward high school virgin named Otis (Asa Butterfield), who starts an underground sex therapy clinic in his high school. If you’re wondering what makes Otis an expert in the subject, his mom Jean (national treasure Gillian Anderson) is a successful sex therapist who couldn’t be more open with her son.

School rebel Maeve (Emma Mackey) is also involved in Otis’ burgeoning business.

Release date: TBD



Promotional Pic Sex Education
Скоро нас ждет промо компания, а в новом году и премьера «Sex Education»! :love:  :love:






Хорошие кадры ))



Отрывок из интервью с Джиллиан и Эйсой Баттерфилд к сериалу «Sex Education»:



Журналист смешной))



:love:  :love:



Красивая  :love:



Wednesday, December 5
(9-10 a.m.) Actress Eva Longoria. Actress Gillian Anderson and actor Asa Butterfield on their new series, “Sex Education”. Animal House Series: Dog and owner both receive treatments for heart murmurs

В среду нас ждет встреча с Джиллиан в рамках промо "Sex Education".



Gillian Anderson gives us a Sex Education as scorned single mum in raunchy new Netflix dramedy

Первое фото и премьера 11 января!  :crazyfun:

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Джиллиан и Asa Butterfield в Нью-Йорке в рамках промо “Sex Education”:
На радио SiriusХM:

Из инсты Джиллиан:






Красавица такая  :love:  :love:



Дядьки колоритные  :P



Отрывок из интервью Джиллиан в рамках промоушена сериала "Sex Education":



:crazyfun: Шикарная! Дождаться не могу, чтобы увидеть!



Отрывки завлекают)



Интервью (с русскими субтитрами) Эйса Баттерфилд в рамках промоушена сериала "Sex Education". Есть пара интересных моментов о Джиллиан:



Carnal knowledge

Total Film14 Dec 2018

Gillian Anderson delivers maximum awks, talking sex with son Asa Butterfield; newcomer Ncuti Gatwa plays Butterfield’s BFF (below).


“You’ll get to see all the penises,” promises Asa Butterfield as Small Screen prepares to tour the South Wales set of Netflix’s eight-part dramedy
Sex Education. And he’s not kidding. The house that awkward, empathetic 16-year-old virgin Otis (Butterfield) shares, somewhat uneasily, with his sex-therapist mum (Gillian Anderson) is a riot of overtly carnal imagery. No wonder Otis decides to use his unique expertise to assist his fellow Moordale School students with their bedroom problems in his own sex-therapy clinic. “My mum visited the set with my little sister who’s just turned nine,” Butterfield grimaces. “She couldn’t wait to go home and tell everyone I spent the day with a load of plastic penises...”


Writer Laurie Nunn brought her first greenlit script to life with the help of director Ben Taylor (Catastrophe), whose love for John Hughes movies allows Sex Education to both embrace and subvert the tropes of the genre. “Those movies have an innocence, but deal with relationships in a frank, surprising way,” says producer Jamie Campbell. “There’s something nice and oldfashioned about the way Otis and Jean give advice, human to human, dealing with emotional issues at the core.”


Sex Education is unapologetically – but never gratuitously – explicit. With the show’s dual purposes being to make us laugh and to open up conversation about sex, it practises what it preaches. “Grown-ups and teenagers are suffering equally in this show,” says Nunn. “We talk about sex all the time in life, but in a way that distances us from it because it’s usually dick jokes. These issues never really go away, and the answer is always communication. You just have to talk it out.” Butterfield adds: “It’s a coming-of-age story, a love story, a friendship story… Seeing these relationships develop is very funny, but there’s a lot of heart.”


“I’ve been having a lot of fun,” smiles the star. “I don’t get to be funny very often in my career. I read for FBI agents, period stuff, women who commit suicide… People often forget that a good proportion of X Files episodes were comedic. I found I could do them as well, but I’m usually cast as the straight man, rather than getting to be goofy or humorously neurotic. These scripts were so refreshing, I laughed and laughed. I couldn’t say no.”


From series creator Nunn through to a young cast who, Butterfield excepted, have precious little on-screen experience, this is a high-profile showcase for young talent. “I’m still getting my head around TV land,” marvels Ncuti Gatwa (playing Otis’ best friend Eric), “but the pay cheques are better [than theatre] so I’m here to stay.” As a result of their relative youth and inexperience, an intimacy consultant was present on set. “We had to spend a whole morning emulating the mating rhythms of snails to get into the vibe,” Gatwa laughs. “Weirdly, it was a really useful bonding exercise!” Gabriel Tate

Sex education starts on netflix on 11 january.

:crazyfun:  Хочу!



Веселый сериал ожидается))



Gillian Anderson interview: Sex Education, phalluses, and why she’s hot for comedy

Новое интервью Джиллиан о проекте и ее отношении к комедии.



Несколько новых фото: https://www.spoilertv.com/2018/12/sex-e … l.html?m=1



RTÉ Guide                                                           

Gillian Anderson The X-Files star plays a sex therapist in a new Netflix comedy.

Donal O’Donoghue travels to London to meet her

For her latest role as a sex therapist in the comedy Sex Education, Gillian Anderson tapped into her own life.

Donal O’Donoghue meets her as the show comes to Netflix

RTÉ Guide28 Dec 2018

We’re talking sex. And Gillian Anderson is giggling like a schoolgirl. The actress, who plays a sex therapist in her latest TV show, Sex Education, is seated beside co-star, Asa Butterfield, who plays her son in the Netflix drama.

Butterfield is describing his most awkward scene which involves a fake rubber appendage. “I got o quite lightly,” he insists. “I have three ‘w**k’ scenes, two attempted, one successful. For that first scene I was inside a toilet cubicle and I was seated on a dolly.” Anderson’s eyebrows arch. “You were on a dolly for that?” she says. “I never knew how you actually did that.”

With Gillian Anderson you never know what to expect, on screen or off. Down the years I’ve met her half a dozen times, from the set of The X Files in Los Angeles in the 1990s to the set of The Fall just north of Belfast in 2013. Still in character that day, as ice-cool detective Stella Gibson, the actress was elusive and enigmatic. Months later, I met a journalist who asked ‘Could you understand what she was talking about?’ I couldn’t then and cannot still. Each time we met she looked different and acted different, as if meeting the press was also a performance of sorts, something to enact or endure or have fun with.

Today, Anderson is having a bit of fun. “It’s so cold,” are her first words, as she asks for the heat to be upped and for extra clothing. “Can somebody grab my coat? I’m such a wimp.” I doubt that. Anderson, who zipped past 50 last August but looks a decade younger, is unlikely to suffer fools easily and has proved a vocal advocate for a number of political causes down the years, including women’s rights in Afghanistan, modern slavery and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), for which she posed nude under the caption “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.”

Her career CV is an intriguing cocktail of classical stage and varied screen work, an actor who keeps pushing herself and her craft.
On stage, she has won plaudits as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire and as Nora in A Doll’s House, while on the small screen she has starred in period drama like Bleak House and Great Expectations as well as thrillers like Hannibal and the Fall . Her CV ranges across the spectrum, from independent productions like A Cock and Bull Story and the Last King of Scotland to broad comedy ( Johnny English Reborn) and costume productions ( the House of Mirth). If her most famous role remains FBI agent Dana Scully in the cult 1990s TV series about the paranormal,the X-Files (the 2018 reboot, the eleventh series, starts on RTÉ 2 this week), it seems that ever since, she has been working against being stuck in that box.

Yet on screen Anderson have a type. Often cold and calculating, her characters bristle with intelligence but suggest brittleness beneath, a popular perception she plays with in Sex Education. “That was definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to take the part,” she says. “It was an opportunity to have fun and to play with the image. A lot of people don’t know, or tend to forget, that a good portion of The X-Files was comedic even though the rest was quite dark and serious. So I have experience of comedy, but usually when I’m offered comedy it’s the part of the straight man so to speak. So with Sex Education it’s fun to play with the humour.”

Anderson was born in Chicago, moved to London at the age of five but returned to the US, and Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the age of 11, a nomadic youth reflected by her hard-toplace accent. Her teen years were streaked with rebellion, a punk rocker voted by her classmates as the student “most likely to get arrested” and not without reason (on the night of her graduation she broke into her school and was charged with trespass). “My high school years very much mirrored the look and the attitude of Maeve in Sex Education, that punkish rebellious type,” she says of a similarly aggravated soul in her new TV drama. “I was maybe less entrepreneurial than her though.”

Married three times, in therapy since the age of 14, she seems happy with her lot now, comfortable in her skin. “I’m sure I’m an embarrassing mum,” she says with a rich laugh. “I probably think that I’m a much cooler mum than my kids think I am. I haven’t had the talk with my two young boys yet. I do remember having the talk with my daughter but that was more of a long drive discussing all the horror things that could happen if she didn’t use protection (laughs!). I strategically had that conversation in the car so that she couldn’t escape, where I was saying things like ‘and this can happen’ and ‘then this can happen!’ and so on.”

She lives in London with her three children (Piper Maru, Oscar and Felix) and her partner, the writer Peter Morgan ( The Crown). For the role as sex therapist Jean in Sex Education, she tapped into her own life experience. “There was no research. I have seen multiple therapists over the years so I feel like I have had first- hand experience. Not sex therapists per se but therapists. For Jean, it was important for me that she was suitably neurotic and potentially hormonal for this stage in her life and that might not have been on that page. I was also having fun with a comedic character, I have not played a lot of comedic characters before so it was interesting to explore that and make the most of it. When I read the script I laughed out loud as I read every episode, which is a rare occurrence.”

So is it easy to talk with her kids about sex? “A lot of parents think that they would be able to handle the ‘birds and the bees’ conversation and be able to normalise it and make it cool in some way. But it’s hard. And when you’re face-to-face with it as opposed to it being some abstract thing that you will have to do, in that moment, it is really easy to skirt the subject or become tongue-tied. You realise then that actually it’s difficult to make this sound like it’s not a bad thing and not something that is dangerous or to be feared. It was more taboo before but despite what we are being fed in magazines and on social media etc., it’s still a difficult subject. It is very different when you are in your own house in front of your own child rather than when it is watching something on television.”

Sex Education plays with the taboo and terror of its subject as it teases out the comedy in a show that is a curious hybrid of US and British culture. Does Anderson sees any difference in attitudes between the two countries? “The Brits are historically known for being uptight and restrained and potentially repressed. So part of what is interesting about sexual humour within that realm is that it has a whole other element to it because of the juxtaposition with something that is innately relaxed and open and not repressed. Americans have a reputation for being much raunchier, although the Brits did have Benny Hill for crying out loud! And there is a bit of both worlds in Sex Education; I guess the aim is that the Americans won’t notice even if the Brits notice that the students are throwing American footballs.”

In 2017, she co-authored a book called We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere with Jennifer Nadel (the BBC documentary maker who is a close friend). At the time, Anderson described it as a work of advice for her younger self. So is there anything in there she’d recommend to teenagers today? “Wow! It’s not any advice I’d follow myself when I was that age,” she says and laughs. “A few years ago I was asked to write a piece about what I would say to my 16-year-old self and one of the things I said was to make sure that you are following your heart and not a man or a relationship in your life. But (long pause) only to stay true to one self as much as possible and not be swayed by peer pressure to do anything you don’t feel intrinsically comfortable with doing. That’s it really.”



Первый официальный трейлер сериала "Sex Education"

Она такая офигенная!!!  :love:  :crazyfun:



Трейлер интересный.


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